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What is DRIP?

DRIP is a project that is able to provide passive income through smart contracts in Defi. It was created on the Binance Smart Chain, and the DRIP Token can be bought with BEP20 BNB.

The bedrock of DRIP is the feature of paying 1% on your investment per day. You can either pull that amount out and receive your 1% return of the DRIP token per day, or you can “Hydrate” or recompound your earnings and compound the 1% against the new amount. …

Step by Step Guide on How to Use a Defi Platform to Earn Passive Income

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

I, like many others, dream of the day that I can comfortably live off my investments instead of relying on a 9–5 job. So when I first read about Drip Network and put a simple spreadsheet together to calculate the potential rewards, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I remember walking to meet my friend for dinner afterwards with my mind fully consumed with what I just read about — so consumed that I accidentally walked into three different strangers along the way. So why…

Stablecoin minters come to the Polygon/Matic version of USDC.

~from Pexels

I wrote about BUSD Minter, the first Stablecoin minter in the increasingly crowded field of miners/minters based off the original Ether Shrimp Farm. The latest entries seem to be focussed on expanding through various stablecoins, first BUSD, and now USDC.

The twist in this one is that it is the Matic/Polygon version of USDC. In look and feel, besides a swap out of the stablecoin name from BUSD to USDC it is an exact copy of the BUSD Minter:

Mining a stablecoin avoids the turbulence of cryptos.

BNB, Matic, Fantom — Oh my! Every day I seem to get another shill for a new miner. So far, I seem to be making money off these miners. The key I think is to build a downline, and to not just collect eggs/BNB/FTM — what have you, but to also occasionally hire miners/recompound.

The issue all of these miners run into is the “Tragedy of the Commons.

“In economic science, the tragedy of the commons is a situation in which individual users, who have open access to a resource unhampered by…

And Here’s What You Can Do About It

Today is September 19, 2021, and the US House of Representatives is in the process of finalizing a $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill. The main goal of this bill is worthy — to rebuild the country’s crumbling infrastructure. An effort in this direction is in my opinion long overdue.

However, one provision that has been proposed by the House Ways and Means committee as part of the reconciliation package has absolutely dire consequences for anyone who has a self-directed IRA in which “non-traditional assets” (e.g., cryptocurrencies, real estate, etc.) are traded. Bill Section…

Serious crypto investors look for coins, tokens and/or yield projects with solid use cases, robust developer communities, and a strong case for long term sustainability and price growth.

Yeah, this article is about none of that.

What I want to talk about is something entirely different, suitable only for those who want to throw a small bit of play money at some projects that are little more than well-dressed-up pyramid games, but with some interesting mathematical features that prevent them from suddenly going bust. What I’m discussing here is something called a “crypto idle game” — a game where you…

…while the amount in your wallet goes down!

PC: Pexels

Yesterday, someone in my TG group alerted me to a new token that can only rise in price. Intrigued, I took a flyer on it: 0.5 BNB (around $200), bought me 256M of the token GRV.

Every 8 hours, the price rebalances to automagically push the price up 9.81%. Every 8 hours. in 24 hours it would be 29.43% (not taking into account compounding).

The goal is to get to a $1 valuation. At the time of purchase, the price was around $0.000001. It is currently 0.0000157132. A 57% increase in price.

Opaque referral information, but highest payout on BNB

PC: Pexels

Yesterday, I took a flyer on Cryptoegg, mainly as an experiment. I was attracted by the 10% daily return, even though I knew that the high percentage return would likely lower quickly once the new money runs out.

Here are my 24 hour returns:

Another Chain, another opportunity to mine!

After looking at BNBMiner, I started getting invites to other mining chains. All seem to be copies of one another. For example, while the image above is from Matic Miner, this is Fantom Miner:


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