BNBBusiness — 48 hours later

It’s not what happens that matters, it’s what happens next.

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Sorry for the murky pic! I withdrew then realized I needed a screenshot!

So, a 6.42 BNB return on a 1 BNB investment?!

3.21373 BNB went directly in my wallet, the rest of the 3.21373 get auto-reinvested towards the 10 BNB higher level, where you access more Upline and Downline levels.

Looking further into the return, I see that much of it must come from the referral deposits:

25 people investing 36.888 BNB:

As I mentioned before, investments under 10 BNB gain you access to 10 levels above you and 10 levels below. Getting to 10 BNB investment leads to 20 above you and 30 below you. I think this encourages signing referrals as you can develop a deeper Downline.

There’s definitely some oddness going on.

The “English Illustration” PDF is in Philipino, the intro video is in Chinese (I think?). And the design is “Russian Gulag” circa the 1940’s.

Sorry, could of sworn I was in the “English” PDF lol.

But, at least for me, the BNB rewards are good (awesome actually), and the BNB lands in my wallet like clockwork. I imagine once the referrals dry up so will my rewards, but at that point I will be accessing 50 levels overall, so maybe the party will keep rolling.

So, still testing this out. But if you are interested, here’s my referral to sign up:

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The How

  1. Go to:
  2. Register with my ID: 0xC3f302CF5aB149f3802f65FBe715A39FFb9D9A86
  3. Deposit your BNB amount (From 0.1 BNB to 10 BNB
  4. Let the Rewards roll in!

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