BNBBusiness, 72 hours later

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Not the 1.5 BNB as the first day, and not the 1+ BNB as the 2nd day, but still awesome. Since I was busy in the morning, I returned around 3:30pm to this:

0.727 BNB. Not 1.5, or 1 BNB, but as my climbing buddy used to say, “It ain’t nuthin’.”

Turning 1 BNB into 3.227 BNB in three days that goes straight to my wallet, while today, an additional 0.48492 BNB gets added to the reinvested amount, leading me closer to the 10 BNB threshold of higher up/down-line access.

Again, my results are likely much different because of the number of folks signing:

My Contribution I think refers to to the amount reinvested, and My Collection refers to amount of BNB withdrawn:

So, in 3 days I am about halfway to getting to the 10 BNB to access 50 levels total: 20 Up, and 30 Down.

I have only invested a single BNB, but have 31 in my “Family List” or Downline, with a total of 43 BNB invested.

So, still testing this out. But if you are interested, here’s my referral to sign up:

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The How

  1. Go to:
  2. Register with my ID: 0xC3f302CF5aB149f3802f65FBe715A39FFb9D9A86
  3. Deposit your BNB amount (From 0.1 BNB to 10 BNB
  4. Let the Rewards roll in!

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