BNBBusiness Review

Turn 1 BNB into 17 BNB? A BNBBusiness review

I know when something is starting to burble into the crypto-income sphere when I get DMs from different people entering my email, and chat:

Apparently, the first person got .37 BNB after a day, so this peaked my interest.

The website doesn’t offer much:

Is this the website for the Russian Gulag organization?

Big chunky buttons. No intro, or informational text. Basically, word-of-mouth and high returns are the key to their marketing.

I did find a Youtube review:

Turn 1 BNB into 17 BNB in 24 hours?!

And I think their intro video is in Japanese?:

Their so-called “English Illustration” PDF is in Filipino, so maybe Filipino?:

The trick for this one is that you make income from both the people above you, as well as the people below you. When you get rewarded, 50% can be used for reinvestment, and half can be claimed.

Below 10 BNB is a basic level, which allows you to earn from the 10 people above and below you. If you upgrade with at least 10 BNB you then earn from the 20 people above, and 30 people below you.

At 7:51am I started my account with 1 BNB. Here are my rewards at 9:40am:

So…about $40 in a couple hours? Not bad.

I plan on reinvesting into an upgrade so I can benefit the most from BNBBusiness.

So, still testing this out. But if you are interested, here’s my referral to sign up:

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The How

  1. Go to:
  2. Register with my ID: 0xC3f302CF5aB149f3802f65FBe715A39FFb9D9A86
  3. Deposit your BNB amount (From 0.1 BNB to 10 BNB
  4. Let the Rewards roll in!

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