BNBMiner — 48 hours later

Where the mining don’t stop, and the rewards are endless

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So, 1 BNB invested, .034 withdrawn to my wallet. Today I will buy more miners.

In the screenshot below, on the left side is where you add more fresh BNB. The right side is where you recompound your BNB mined:

To set my baseline, I check the amount of BNB Miners I have:

And after I “Hire more miners”?

0.2884 BNB bought an additional 49,753 more miners.

It still astounds me when I run the simulation on the Daily Compound Calculatorsite what the return on a $400 BNB after recompounding daily for a year:

…turns into:

One of the Devs on my team has vetted BNBMiner, and tells me that the code is designed so that when people stop buying into BNBMiner, then the 3% drops basically to nothing. As long as more folks enter, the 3% gets returned.

So far, I am making quite a bit more than the 3%, more like 28.84%. It must be from referrals on my articles, but I see no way to figure out who has signed up under my referral ID on the website.

Speaking of which, if you are interested you can signup below. This is still a test for me, but so far it seems to be paying off.

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The How

  1. Go to the BNBMiner site. Feel free to use my referral URL:
  2. Connect your Metamask or Binance Wallet to the site.
  3. Enter the amount of BNB you want to use to hire miners

4. Click the “Hires_____ Miners” button below the BNB field.

Return once a day to either hire more miners (Recompound), or “Pocket Your BNB” — withdraw.

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