BNBMiner, deeper dive

What’s the validity of all of these Miners?

~ from a recent chat with one of our Cryptozoa Devs.

The 3%/day is enticing, but somewhat unreal. Unreal in the sense that it can fluctuate depending on the onboarding of new people.

~ from our Cryptozoa dev on BNBMiner

So, as long as the contract funds are not depleted, which requires new funds coming in, then the contract pays out as advertised. If they start to deplete, then the mine/game is complete, rewards diminishing to zero — people exit, a rending of cloth, a shaking of fists at the sky.

But, until then…;0)

ETH Shrimp Farm

In my investigations, I finally found the Ether Shrimp Farm.

I even found a 2nd version of it:

Now, it starts to make sense all of the talk of “eggs” in the BNBMining contract:

Must be a bit of legacy code from the Ether Shrimp Farm.

With the ETH gas fees at an all time high, this becomes a farm/mine killer. If it cost more for the gas fees than it does for the farmed “eggs,” then who would farm it?

Porting to other chains

In comparison with ETH Fees, Binance gas fees are super cheap. 0.80 cents versus $100 or more at busy times on ETH.

It was only a matter of time before they got into Binance, or Matic, or even Fantom. Lower gas fees lower the gas fee barrier to entry. And while there may be fewer Fantom users than Ethereum, the Fantom users are likely more advanced users, needing little hand holding as they traverse chains in search of alpha.

And being a big fish in a much smaller pond may be to the advantage of first movers. The first to stake in a Mine in a new chain might make the difference between making no money, and making a ton of filthy lucre.

The How

  1. Go to the BNBMiner site. Feel free to use my referral URL:
  2. Connect your Metamask or Binance Wallet to the site.
  3. Enter the amount of BNB you want to use to hire miners

4. Click the “Hires_____ Miners” button below the BNB field.

Return once a day to either hire more miners (Recompound), or “Pocket Your BNB” — withdraw.

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