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What is DRIP?

DRIP is a project that is able to provide passive income through smart contracts in Defi. It was created on the Binance Smart Chain, and the DRIP Token can be bought with BEP20 BNB.

The bedrock of DRIP is the feature of…

DRIP doesn’t have products, DRIP is the product.

The value is the Network. PC: Pexels

Imagine Amway without a garage full of products you don’t really want. What would that look like? Just people in your Downline (DL) giving you money, and what would they be getting back? How about a financial product that pays 365% per…

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Almost every major financial decision I’ve made in my adult life has been wrong, ill-timed, or short-sighted. After 6 houses over 30 years I still had almost no equity due to having to sell and move in down or stagnant markets. …

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Miner Moratorium, New articles and more!

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Moratorium on Miners

With the…

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El mundo cripto está lleno de escollos y de potencial para obtener ganancias masivas y pérdidas dolorosas. La expansión de DeFi, NFT y memecoins ha introducido nuevos niveles de drama al asunto, y es suficiente para hacer que la gente se preocupe. …

The most accurate indicator, the only one that didn’t flag a false summit in 2013, is about to enter the red zone.

Is the long descent of Crypto about to commence? PC: Author

Of all the indicators, RHODL is the one with the least signal to noise. It is the only indicator, not the Puell Multiple, nor the Pi Cycle, nor…

The recent military coup in Sudan begs the question: Can Bitcoin be the first worldwide bloodless coup?

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A coup is under way in Sudan, where the military has dissolved civilian rule, arrested political leaders and declared a state of emergency.

The coup leader, Gen Abdel Fattah Burhan, blamed political infighting.

Stop searching for your next investment, you’ve found DRIP. Set aside a few hours and dive in.

Maybe you’ve heard of robo-investing firms like Wealthfront, or Betterment. Sure, they’ve advanced traditional finance. I’m a big fan. They’ve mastered the game of tax harvesting and low cost funds, even cutting out massive profits from the traditional banking firms. Great! And, thankfully, they don’t even offer insulting sub-1% returns…

A few months ago, as I dove head first down the crypto rabbit hole, continually adding more funds as I rapidly learned more and more, I noticed how my former life experience in traditional finance caused me to naturally start applying Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). MPT basically states that correctly…


Articles on Crypto, with a DRIP Focus.

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