Maksim Hramadtsou
Apr 23, 2018 · 2 min read

Dear CRYPTTO community! We are announcing today our decision to airdrop up to 1,000,000 of TTO tokens to foster the community engagement and encourage adoption of our platform. To be eligible for the airdrop you will have to take a quiz designed to measure your level of awareness regarding
trading in general, crypto trading, and Cryptto platform.

We will accept up to 20,000 quiz submissions and award 10,000 airdrop slots depending on quiz results. The maximum amount of TTO airdrop per person is 100 TTO, and we will be more than happy to award all 10,000 winners with that amount! However, we reserve the right to apply a tiered approach to awarding TTO, depending on the quiz results.

We will also randomly award 1,000 trial monthly subscriptions to the base level of our platform to the 10,000 quiz winners.

To participate in the quiz you’ll have to create your profile on our website. Upon creation, you will be asked to fill in your basic info: e-mail, telegram account, country of origin, your level of trading experience (won’t affect your chances to receive the airdrop in any way), and confirm that you are
at least 18 years old. Please, make sure to provide accurate information because you might not be able to receive the airdrop otherwise. At the moment we do not have any geographical restrictions for the airdrop participants, but we reserve the right to introduce them to comply with the potential regulations.

Once the number of registered profiles reaches 20,000, the registration will be closed. The quiz might commence even before that. We will announce when the quiz will become available in our Telegram chat.

After the quiz start announcement is made you will see the link to it appear in your profile. There will be a number of multiple choice questions and several open-ended/ descriptive questions. There will be no time limit for the quiz and no restrictions on using search engines.

IMPORTANT: there will be absolutely no rush to take the quiz — once you’ve registered your profile with us, you are guaranteed a chance to participate in the quiz. The quiz will be open for at least a week after the announcement.

Once we will score the quiz, we’ll designate 10,000 winners and you will be able to check if you are one, and your TTO award size, in your profile. Trial subscription lottery results will also be available there.

All quiz winners will be invited to undergo our KYC process to be able to receive their tokens. All airdrop tokens will be distributed either together with the tokens sold in the crowdsale or directly after.

NB: you will need to remain a member of our Telegram community for the entire period to be able to receive you airdrop tokens.

Good Crypto

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Maksim Hramadtsou

Written by

Co-founder @ GoodCrypto.App

Good Crypto

Trade on any exchange. Automatically track your entire portfolio. Check market prices, read the news, set up alerts. Try our beta at

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