Why the advertising industry needs to be more Punk.

The upcoming Production Social, 30th November is themed around Punk, Dani Michelon, Head of AMV XLAB, the innovation lab at AMVBBDO & Founder of Production Social discusses why she chose this left field theme and the need for originality, rebellion, and courage in advertising today.

Why did you choose Punk as the theme for this year’s Production Social, and how does it link to the advertising industry today?

This year marks 40 years of the punk movement, but it couldn’t be more contemporary. Since its inception, lots of other movements were influenced directly or indirectly by Punk. Working in the ad industry, I always felt that we could benefit so much from the punk attitude, their different outlook on the traditional processes and the way they used to make their own products. The spirit of always beta, always changing and evolving and the lack of perfection was refreshing and is still so key for innovation today. We all need to loosen up and be more original.

As a producer yourself, what do you think other producers and makers will gain from coming along on the 30th?

Inspiration. Loads of it.

I wanted to make this event special by having speakers from other industries and backgrounds talking through their personal journeys, discussing their work and how they were either influenced by the culture and ideology of the 70’s and 80’s punk movement or how in some form their work or work process reflects a particular characteristic of the punk ethos.

This is a special occasion where we can learn from other sources, other points of view, different experiences and make it our own. I think currently in the ad industry, we lack the courage to explore a more left field perspective, explore alternative views and sometimes you can see this reflected in some very traditional work. I, in purpose, brought very different people from very different backgrounds to the stage so we can all experience first-hand the influx of inspiration and rebellion that is so much needed in the ad industry today. We have an amazing line up of speakers all makers and craftspeople from music, art, design, publishing, technology and unique experience design.

And why is it so important to provide inspiration from outside of the industry?

Because we can learn how to make our own work special, different and original. The ad industry at the moment is so much of the same. We can rebel against the same old traditional work and get inspiration from very talented people who make a difference. We can get a shot of courage to inject back into our industry, the punk movement was a revolution, the courage to change the status quo is what we need right now to make the world a better place.

Sum up 3 key learnings you think the audience will take away from the evening.

  1. How to embrace DIY. Make it yourself if you can’t get what you need somewhere else, or make it yourself anyway. It will be even better. It will make it special and you might create something truly amazing.
  2. The importance of influencing culture. All our speakers have made or are making their own marks in culture. We want to make ours. We can start now. We can be better at work and in our personal lives. I want everyone to understand that to make a better ad, a better song, a better poem, we need to be sponges of all the knowledge that surrounds us and understand what we can change in our society, in our work.
  3. Never stop exploring things outside of your comfort zone. Looking past our own industry will make a difference in the products we are putting out there. Our world is very complex and we need to understand as many angles and perspectives as possible so that we, ourselves can make things possible and make things great.

If you want to learn more about how punk has inspired the makers revolution and how the advertising industry can think more left field, come along to Production Social Presents: Punk — From DIY Movement to Makers Revolution, 30th November, 18.00–22.00, Twitter Air St.

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