Journal Entry #2

Lizeth and Sun met with Ma’am Solamo to talk about what they’re going to do for CS 198. Here are the things discussed on September 11, 2017.

We have asked Javi about their design choices and have just setup the code on the Mac at the laboratory last week as well.

We decided to start with the Bust of Rizal as the first example artwork to be used for the first prototype. We are going to post additional literature reviews (a third usability paper and ARKit on iOS). We are also going to continue on researching about art appreciation. Once we find a reliable paper, we will be adding an additional RRL as well.

A write up about the first prototype’s features will also be posted after it is done. Ideas like social media integration, asking whether the users know the artist of the artwork, using one artwork as a representative of a collection in difficult places, and user-art interaction through the AR were discussed. All of these ideas will be further discussed after a Focus Group Discussion with testers on the first prototype.

The idea that the art moves or pulls you in and immerses you into it is a great idea but we found it very difficult to do as we both know nothing or at least only a few about mobile apps, AR, Unity, and animation itself.

This concludes the second journal entry.

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