Individual Curation for CS2006

Gender Stereotype for both female & male

Example 1: Advertisement by Revlon

Gender stereotypes can be present in advertisements. In the advertisement, Hollywood Star Emma Stone, was featured as the model for Revlon. The product, Revlon Nearly Naked Make up in Vanilla and Pressed Powder in light is placed at the eye line of Emma Stone and on a light coloured background, directing your attention to it after recognising the star. The use of ethos is present as the credibility of the star is directly inferred as the support of Revlon’s product and a connection is made that using the product will bring a similar result of beauty.

Revlon named the product Nearly Naked, suggesting that using the product itself can produce a nearly nature look. It encourages the everyday women to use the product to achieve similar flawless complexion. The element of logos was present as consumers infer that they will look better with the product and may be persuaded to use the product.

Apart of that, the pathos was present as there is a certain level of self-interest for women to look the best. This could be a perceived mentality present in society to be presentable so as to be accepted and looked up to by people, both male and female.


Example 2: Advertisement by Kraft

This is an advertisement by Kraft, portraying a male model prominently lying on the table. It was aimed to promote their salad dressing as a healthy choice for consumption as the model suggest by adding the dressing to the salad. It is also a form of male gender stereotype of the perfect male body that is exposed in the advertisement. The consumer’s attention is immediately drawn to the model and not the dressing.

Logos was present in this advertisement as consumers infer that consuming the salad dressing will result in the desired figure. The advertisement could be targeted towards male to encourage them to consumer their product.

Pathos is present as it grabs the male’s desire to be fit and trim. It is also a result of society stereotype of a man, someone who is strong and fit. As such, men may consume the product to be “fitter” as it is seen as the core of masculinity.

The element of ethos could be slightly weaker in this advertisement as a regular consumer may not relate to the model. Should the model be a Hollywood star, he will add on to the credibility of the advertisement and garner more support for the brand.