CS 373 Fall 2020: Week 5

What Did I Do This Week?

This week was pretty eventful with regard to this class. For project 2, got our topic approved by Downing (yay!), finished two pages, and have started working on models. In class, Downing finished his first rotation of cold calls, and proceeded to call on me in the same class. It definitely caught me off guard, but I’m glad that I got it out of the way early.

What’s In My Way?

Right now, the only thing in my way of Project 2 is other obligations I have to other classes. Having more time would mean that I could help finish the other pages this weekend, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

We also have to meet with out customer group, so that’ll be fun.

What Will I Do Next Week?

Next week, I will close out the rest of my GitLab issues and get to work on IDB three. The grind just doesn’t stop.

Experience with Types, Object Models, Iterators?

Regarding python typing, I found it interesting going through each built in data structure. Firstly, it brought me back to freshman year when things were much simpler in Mike’s class, where we learned about Big-O and dreamed of maintaining a 4.0 (how naïve of us). But more importantly, learning the nuances of each data structure makes me both a better Python programmer and a better developer in general.

The same can be said about Python objects and iterators. Learning about the Python implementations and the similarities between their Java counterparts made me realize how many modern languages are similarly built.

What Made Me Happy This Week?

Quarantine has been pretty isolating, but I fortunately saw a change of pace. After being exhausted by career fair, I got pulled into playing Among Us with family friends, and I absolutely love it, even though I never get imposter. And just today, I also got to take part in a fun murder mystery party social as a Convergent Officer!

Tip of the Week?

With recruiting being in full gear, an incredibly useful tool is this public resume parser I found on Reddit. An incredibly kind engineer from the University of Waterloo found that lever.co’s parsing service had an exposed API and built a parser that allows you to see exactly how your experiences and skills are parsed and viewed by recruiters. Using this before career fair allowed me to fix mistakes in my resume that caused incorrect parsing.

The parser is here: https://itsjafer.com/#/parser

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A blog that contains graded posts for Professor Downing’s Software Engineering class at UT Austin.

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