Blog Post #2

What Did I Do This Week?

For Software Engineering, this week was mostly focused on getting settled into school and attending online lectures. Professor Downing started lecturing about Python and a lot of nuances that I didn’t know about — for example, Python separates true division and floor division into two operators, / and //, which is especially useful for this project. Along with this, I got my first cold call, and I’ve started working on assignment #1.

What’s In My Way?

Right now, the biggest roadblock for me seems to be finding time to work and focus on assignment #1. Taking two computer science courses while balancing my first part-time job during college has made it a lot harder to manage my time compared to previous semesters. Along with this, I am unfortunately stuck on test case #2 and can’t pass the HackerRank portion of the rubric.

What Will I Do Next Week?

Next week, I intend to get past test case #2, fill out my GitLab issues, and set up the required test cases to get points on the rubric.

What Was My Experience of Assertions, Unit Tests, and Coverage?

I’ve had previous experience with these. In CS314, Mike Scott briefly covered assertions in an aside one lecture. And for a side project I’m maintaining, I started to try and incorporate unit testing to ensure things are working.

Learning about these in Downing’s class has filled crucial gaps. Downing’s in depth dive into use cases of assertions (for sanity-checks, not unit tests) and the unit testing / coverage framework will certainly be helpful for the remainder of projects.

How Am I Doing?

I’d say I’m doing okay. The best thing supporting me is having family close to me at home. While my parents can be a bit overbearing, they unconditionally support me with school, work, and living at home.

What Made Me Happy This Week?

I started my part-time job a few weeks ago, and though it is a bit stressful balancing work and school, I am enjoying it. Outside of school and work, I’ve started a new workout routine to cope with the loss of Gregory Gym, and I think I’m on my way to shedding the quarantine mass I’ve built up. Finally, I’ve also picked up the Legend of Korra on Netflix, and despite the hate it gets, I think it’s a great Avatar sequel. Definitely give it a watch!

Tip Of The Week?

While not much, I did find out that Discord, the gaming based communication app, makes it extremely easy to integrate web-hooks. Through a simple POST request, you can connect something like GitHub or GitLab to a Discord server and get notified of new commits, pull requests, etc. via integrated web-hooks! The GitHub web-hook documentation is here, and the Discord web-hook documentation is here as well.

Obligatory headshot.



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