CS373 Fall 2020: Week 10

What Did I Do This Past Week?

This week, I finished up my front-end stories for phase three. This consisted of creating search pages and sprucing up the splash page for TexasVotes.me. Alongside all of this, I was also glued to watching election results come in — it’s caused a lot of anxiety, but hopefully it passes by the end of the weekend.

What’s In My Way?

Nothing really. Phase III is complete, phase IV seems pretty straightforward.

What Will I Do Next

The biggest thing I will have to do is collect new election data for the 2020 general election, populating vote counts and vote totals. This will involve scraping data from excel files posted on the Texas secretary of state website, being sad at the results :(, and putting that scraped data into the SQL database.

Alongside this, I also hope to get some work done on the splash page to make it look super pretty.

Experience with Relational Algebra in Python

The relational algebra material we learned this week was pretty intuitive. I have minimal experience with SQL, and using Python to represent a relational database has been pretty effective in letting me learn conceptual aspects of relational algebra rather than getting caught up in SQL specific behavior.

What Made Me Happy This Week?

This week was pretty rough. Alongside finishing four major projects from four classes (3 of them CS), there was the election. Officials kept telling us that the election would most likely not be decided on election night, but I was too dumb to listen. As a result, this led to general nervousness and existential dread.

However, the one thing that has made me happy was nailing a final round interview in my view (I don’t know the results yet) and getting moved to a second round interview by a company I like.

Tip of the Week?

Google CoLab is amazing, but it’s free tier can be a bit frustrating at times. Last week, I was stuck training a neural network for more than an hour, and I kept timing out due to my computer falling asleep and my runtime getting disconnected on leaving the keyboard. To get around this, you can play a long YouTube video in the current tab on mute, and CoLab will keep training without the runtime getting disconnect from free tier limitations.

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