CS373 Fall 2020: Week 10

What Did I Do This Week?

This week, I did Data collection for my team, where I retrieved information about candidates who participated in the 2020 primaries and runoffs as well as their performance in their respective elections. To do this, I actually ended up creating an algorithm to try and match differently formatted names (e.g. Mary Jennings Hegar vs M.J. Hegar). I also helped out on the front-end of our app.

What’s In My Way?

Right now, school loves beating me to the ground because the projects keep coming.

What Will I Do Next Week?

Next week, I will finish up my front-end issues, where I have to add news stories to display on our front-page. After finishing more user stories, I will sit back, watch the election night, and try and take a break for the rest of the week because we’ll all need it.

Experience with Instance Methods, Class Methods, Static Methods, RegEx, and Relation Algebra?

The python methods were interesting. Before the class, I knew what instance and static methods were due to Java — instance methods require an object’s instance while a static method is independent of an instance. Class methods, however, were new to me. I’m still not entirely sure what the use case is, but it’s interesting that they’re distinct enough to exist.

With RegEx, I knew what it was, but I never really bothered to learn it. The brief dive into it definitely cleared up basic usage to the point where I could probably use RegEx statements in my IDE. I was also familiar with Relational Algebra through my very shallow SQL knowledge.

What Made Me Happy This Week?

I had three interviews this week. While the first one was definitely rough, I was able to reflect on a lot of mistakes I made, and I fixed them in taking my last two. While I don’t know whether I’ll be moved forward, I feel good about my chances.


Though this isn’t a pure tech tip, this still very much relates to software development. Early voting has ended, but election day is on November 3rd. If you are registered, it’s imperative that you go to the polls. While it’s understandable to be disillusioned with the government, your choices for the executive, federal and state legislatures, and local officials affect your pay, what kind of people get to work with you, whether you’ll even be in work or not, and other wide ranging aspects of your life! Educating yourself doesn’t even take that long with a visit to vote411.org! Democracy is in our hands.

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