CS 373 Fall 2020: Week 4

What Did I Do This Week?

This week involved getting together with my group to start preparing for project #2. We created our slack, added the appropriate custom emojis, came up with an initial idea, and set up our GitLab repo. One of our group members was proactive enough to buy a url, set up the AWS front-end and back-end, and push boilerplate code to the repository which was incredibly nice.

What’s In My Way?

The main roadblock I’m facing is getting the group idea approved. If that happens, then the next block will probably be gathering the project data. There are a good amount of REST APIs for locating data about representatives and candidates, but a lot of data will have to be scrapped from static web pages and CSVs. Not looking forward to that.

What Will I Do Next Week?

Next week, I plan to get to work on the front-end of the project. I’ve already started coding basic navigational components, and I hope to finish the non-model pages, such as the Splash and About pages. Maybe I can also get some work on the Flask back-end.

Experience with Exceptions, IDB1, and Types?

Though exceptions are something I already use in my coding arsenal, Downing’s lecture gave good insight into their great design for error handling.

Seeing what I’m doing for IDB1 was pretty exciting. I really like how Downing is framing the assignment as a real world project from a prospective client — it gives the site more meaning and motivates me to put effort into it.

The Python typing lecture was eye-opening. The important takeaway from Downing’s Python lessons is that Python is super nuanced and has a lot of thought put into it, unlike a certain other scripting web language that was designed in less than 15 days (rhymes with lava-script).

What Made Me Happy This Week?

I’m an officer in Texas Convergent, and we had our first meeting with new members on build teams. Remote meetings didn’t go very well last semester because of the abrupt transition, but with proper planning, our meeting on Wednesday was very smooth! While meeting with new members isn’t the same over Zoom, I’m happy that we have the opportunity to continue the Convergent semester.

Tip Of The Week

Earlier today, I was working with one of my project partners on generic parts of the website front-end. When pushing merge requests to the non-production branch, I accidentally merged into master, leading to an extra hour of trying to wrestle with the beast that is git and revert my mistakes.

With the help of VSCode’s Git Graph plugin, I was able to track down the last good commit SHA and force a hard reset to the master branch. After pushing the non-production branch to the server, it was almost as if my oopsie never happened.

The lesson is that instead of scrolling through a git log — oneline, using a git visualizer is especially helpful when trying to fix dumb git mistakes.

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