CS373 Fall 2020: Week 9

What Did I Do This Week?

This week was a rest week. After helping finish up phase II with the team, I got my wisdom teeth taken out. Since then, I’ve been sleeping, sticking to soft foods, taking anti-biotics, playing League of Legends to pass time, and procrastinating on upcoming deadlines. It’s been pretty fun.

What’s In My Way?

Right now, the main thing would probably be team organization. My team is still resting after last week’s workload. We plan on meeting on Saturday to flesh out the rest of the plan, where we’ll delegate issues, figure out priorities, and get to work improving TexasVotes.me.

What Will I Do Next Week?

My plan would probably be doing a bit more data collection. Because our project is about elections, what I want to do is to get past electoral results in our database to inform users about the competitiveness of a district and the possible projected result of an upcoming election. Election day is also up ahead, so, ideally, I want to get ready for the stream of new results as well.

I also want to do some front-end work. Phase III is all about filtering and searching which will require some modification to our model pages.

Experience with Functions, Lambdas, and Decorators?

Like most of Downing’s lectures, he explained callable objects, lambdas, and decorators really well. I’ve had experience with functions as first class objects and lambdas in Javascript, but Python is pretty different with how these ideas are implemented in the language.

In Javascript, callables are functions and functions are callables, where both are objects, but in Python, there are multiple types of callables, where functions are just one subtype. Being able to instantiate a class and use __call__ allows for things, like Neural Network blocks, and other tuned functions to be implemented. Decorators are also super interesting, given that they’re a major part of flask and other python frameworks.

What Made Me Happy This Week?

This was one of the first weeks in a long time where I was able to do nothing for a day and not be penalized through a deadline. It’s making me already long for the end of the semester.

Tip of the Week?

With eight previous tips given, I don’t have a lot left in me. However, I will say that the SWE lectures have vastly improved my python skills to the point where I can use them for company online assessments. Because of the conciseness of Python script compared to Java or C++, I’ve found that I’ve had a lot more success with HackerRanks and LeetCode.

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