Let The Music Play..

What’s your-go-to solution to listen to your favorite song? Supposedly, Spotify has become synonymous to music streaming as YouTube is for video. With the entry of big giants like Google and Apple into the music arena, the online music industry has never been competitive to pitch in sales over the internet as of now. Rise of free services provided by YouTube and Pandora has taken over the online music space for quite some time, and made earning a headache for the music companies.

Just to let you know, I have been a premium user of Google Music, and Spotify. I personally get a much more comfortable vibe from Spotify than with Google Music, but again that’s a personal preference. The very first thing which bugs the users is the cost, cost of switching to an online-offline platform from a free web-only free services. On and all, it boils down to around $10, consistent over all the major music providers at this time. The newly added family plans have been more than generous to attract good amount people, like me.

As I said, I prefer Spotify over Google Music. Why? Well, I let you know soon. First, I want to talk about the things which always rates Google Music very high for me. Recently launched in 2013 (compared to the almost decade old Spotify), and with major update makeovers, the most fascinating option provided by Music is the ability to upload 50,000 of our music, providing a great way to carry around your personal desktop collection over the world in your pockets.

Adding to the experience, the predicting algorithm by Music has been rated as one of the best, with the finest usage of data advancements being put into use. Loading into the application, you get many personalized options, from choosing your moods, to setting into light music to listen with a couple of friends on a Wednesday evening.

Google Music: Mood selection

Moreover, with premium Music, you get access to YouTube Red, but is only available in US, Australia, Mexico, Korea and New Zealand; to be honest, not finding Canada on the list was a bummer for me.

Yet, for me, Spotify is ‘the’ music application. The biggest influences for me to use Spotify are: the desktop application, UI and the international music collection. Besides the mobile application provided, Spotify provided a well rehearsed desktop application, synced with the mobile at all the times.

I love material design. Period. Yet, when it comes to Music, I just don’t feel it’s the feel I want for my music application. And Spotify bangs the hammer here. The interface is next to 10/10 if not 10. The blacks and the greens of the application set the required tone, along with a fluent experience. And lastly, Spotify gets latest Hindi and Punjabi music updates much faster than Music, and for me, that’s the biggest plus-plus towards Spotify!

I’ll stick to Spotify for sometime more for sure, but let me assure you, Google is quietly revolutionizing. It’s young to the industry, but is setting its steps more quickly than ever.



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