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31 Days of the Next Women in Tech

This year at CSforALL, we’re excited to celebrate Women’s History Month by recognizing 31 young women in the #tech community that represents, advocates, and highlights that women in the tech sector is a must to move forward. Keep checking back daily….

31 Days of the Next Women in Tech

1. Ama Koranteng, Ph. D Student, Johns Hopkins University

2. Christina Li, Starship Software Engineer, SpaceX

3. Catherine Yeo, Student & Researcher, Harvard University

4. Maggie Amador, Student, St. Mary’s University of Texas

5. Anna Quinlan, Student, Stanford University

6. Pia Sen, Graduate Student, Rutgers University Newark

7. Stella Chen, Co-Founder, creAItivity

8. Julie Hubschman, Partner Engineer, Pinterest

9. Naomi Thomas, Founder and CEO, The STEM Station

10. Hana Memon, Student, The College of New Jersey

11. Deja Lindsey, Technology Product Owner, Johnson & Johnson

12. Mei’lani Eyre, Student Community Manager, Postman

13. Connie Ye, Student, Carnegie Mellon University

14. Ananya Cleetus, Founder, Anemone

15. Anna Dodson, Engineer, Apple

16. Connie Zhang, Robotics PHD Researcher, University of Southern California

17. Eshika Saxena, Student and Researcher, Harvard University

18. Avika Patel, Student, Stanford University

19. Anja Sheppard, Student, University of Texas at Dallas

20. Meenakshi Das, Graduate Student, Auburn University

21. Kayla Kasprak, Software Engineer, iOS, Comcast NBCUniversal

22. Bethany Davis, Software Engineer, Google, University of Pennsylvania

23. Shagun Khare, Director of Technology and Engineering, ATHENA By WiSTEM

24. Camille Ramseur, Technical Artist, Treyarch

25. Gianna Yan, Student and Founder, Feed Fleet / Kode With Klossy Alumni

26. Kylie Moden, Product Manager, Code.org

27. Bernice Lau, Director, Tech + Me / Codenovate / ReThred LLC

28. Noor Boukari, Student, Caesar Rodney High School

29. Lavanya Sharma, Executive Director, AIHacks

30. Lavanya Sharma, Julie Caroline Gonzalez-Ninoua, Student and Web Development Student Assistant, University of South Florida

31. Madee Haworth, Mechanical Engineer, Microsoft

We’re so honored to highlight each of these amazing and inspirational young women in technology across the United States. Together as a tech community our focus must remain on centering marginalized voices, investing in women, continuing change-making conversations, and advocating for positive change for all. Happy Women’s History Month!



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