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EcoSystemsforCS is a new initiative launched by CSforALL with support from Schmidt Futures to provide catalyst grants to 10 communities across the US to promote community-led systems change in K-12 computer science education.

UPDATE: Thank you to those who have submitted interest forms. Over 22 states had representation via the interest form as of June 3rd. We hope to have representation from all 50 states when the application period opens! Due to the high level of interest, we have extended our submission period through 6/23 and aim to open applications on 6/24! Check out our website, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more announcements. Please feel free to reach out to ecosystemsforcs@csforall.org with any questions. Note: Submitting an interest form is not required to apply.

CSforALL, with support from Schmidt Futures, is excited to announce EcoSystemsforCS, a national competition to catalyze community-led computer science education initiatives for all students. Ten communities will receive funding and technical assistance over a one year period to engage a diverse set of partners in launching an ecosystem initiative to drive implementation of high quality, equitable CS.

“From the beginning, we imagined New York City as a lab for what could be possible in CSforALL. The EcosystemsforCS leverages some of the key aspects of the NYC program, including strong public-private partnerships and deep community engagement, that are needed to bring CS and computational thinking to all students. ” — Fred Wilson, Partner, Union Square Ventures, Founder, New York City Foundation for CS Education/CSforALL

“The story of New York City’s push for computer science is a story of local leaders — from tech, business, education and government — working together to set big goals and building a movement to achieve them,” said Tom Kalil, Chief Innovation Officer of Schmidt Futures. “We are excited to support CSforALL’s national campaign to help communities learn from the NYC effort and build their own all-hands-on-deck initiatives.”

Selected communities will receive a catalyst grant of $15K with a required 1:1 match from the local community. The funding will support local organizing efforts and participation in the first national cohort of EcoSystemsforCS and unlock additional resources, partnerships, and opportunities.

CSforALL encourages all parties interested in applying for the catalyst grant to complete the interest form by June 3, 2019. Please note that the interest form is not a formal application. Indication of interest will allow CSforALL to provide support for potential applicants leading up to submitting the formal application which will be available in early June 2019.

To learn more about the EcoSystemsforCS initiatives, please visit: http://bit.ly/EcoSystemsforCS or attend an upcoming webinar to learn more and ask questions about the application process:

  1. Wednesday, May 22nd at 4PM EST
  2. Friday, May 31st at 1 PM EST

Please register in advance for the upcoming webinars.

Please submit interest forms by June 3rd, 2019. Applications will open in early June 2019.

CSforALL is the national hub for the ​Computer Science for All movement, that works to enable all students in grades K-12 to achieve computer science literacy as an integral part of their educational experience both in and out of school. For more information visit ​www.csforall.org​ and follow @CSforALL.

Schmidt Futures is a philanthropic initiative, founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt, that bets early on people who will make our world better — helping people to achieve more for others by applying advanced science and technology thoughtfully and by working together across fields. Learn more at schmidtfutures.com

CSforALL Stories

Thoughts & conversations on the movement to bring rigorous, inclusive and sustainable computer science to all US students.


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CSforALL is the national hub for the #ComputerScience for All movement. Much more content at medium.com/csforall-stories

CSforALL Stories

Thoughts & conversations on the movement to bring rigorous, inclusive and sustainable computer science to all US students.

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