Ruthe Farmer
Oct 15, 2018 · 4 min read
Just a few photos of us having way too much fun at the #CSforALLSummit.

October 9, 2018 was a big day for the #CSforALL movement. Many of our friends were there, and many new friends joined us too — including nearly 14K livestream viewers. We celebrated, we shared, we connected and reconnected, we asked hard questions, and we challenged each other to do better and to do more — and, most important, we did it together as a community.

In the afterglow of this incredible energizing event, it is hard to stop smiling, especially after getting notes like these:

Thank you for such a wonderful CSforAll Summit! We made so many great connections for collaboration and potential partnerships. It was incredibly motivating to see so many people willing to work together to further CS education. — Katie SanFilippo, Chick Tech

This week was spectacular; we’ve had so many great conversations after the event with districts as well. — Allie Diracles, VidCode

Wonderful memories, with old and new dear colleagues and friends, from the CSforAll 2018 Summit. I would like to convey my deepest gratitude to the Accessibility Pledge Advisory Board and the whole CSforAll team for one of the most rewarding genuine, vivid, vibrant professional events I ever attended! #CSforAll #CSforAllSummit #CSforAllAccessibility — Dr. Daniela Marghitu, Auburn University

NMSI announces their 2018 #CSforALL Commitment in collaboration with Mobile CSP, Project GUTS, Exploring Computer Science, NCWIT Counselors for Computing, MIT App Inventor, UTeach, and Bootstrap.

This is what collective impact looks like:

227 #CSforALL Commitments from 294 organizations reaching every state, doing work both in and out of school, and creating a staggering 47.3 million computer science (CS) learning opportunities for youth and educators. To arrive at those numbers, we had to read, review, and vet hundreds of submissions from organizations large and small across the nation. The process provides a rare opportunity to view the broad landscape of work being done in CS education, who is doing it, and where CS is growing vs. where it is not. In short, y’all are doing A LOT.

The #CSforALL Commitment process helps us paint a picture of the collective impact of the national #CSforALL community, which ultimately helps identify the gaps and take action to address them — such as the Accessibility Pledge.

This year’s Commitments are as diverse as this community and came from organizations ranging from small nonprofits to big national youth networks, huge tech companies to tiny startups, Ivy League schools to community colleges, as well as state and federal agencies and corporate and family foundations. They truly represent #CSforALL by ALL.

Check out all the commitments and use the commitment visualization view to see the impact in different areas.

Visualization view of the #CSforALL Commitment tracker.

We invite you to join us, stay in touch, and make a commitment of your own next year. We are just getting started, and there is room for everyone at the table. Plus this community is a lot of fun!

One final note, and something that I personally hold very dear: No effort is too small to contribute to #CSforALL. In fact, I’d wager that the collective impact of the hundreds, if not thousands of actors working towards #CSforALL is what will institutionalize CS within both formal and informal education. Here are a few examples. You can find hundreds more on the site and by joining the #CSforALL conversation on Twitter.

Common Code Math working with Boys & Girls Clubs in Moore County, NC
Mimir working to help CS educators us open source textbooks in their classrooms.
Games for Change reaching youth through games designed for social impact.
Educational toy company Sphero adding more than 70 cross-curricular CS lessons.
CodeCrew working to bring CS to youth in Memphis, TN.
This father that took the day off work to bring his two daughters to the Code{D}etroit event after learning about it on the local news two days prior.
The Sacramento County Office of Education committing to 24 CS pathways in 24 months.
The establishment of a new National Center for Computer Science Education at the College of St. Scholastica.

We could go on…

CSforALL Stories

Thoughts & conversations on the movement to bring rigorous, inclusive and sustainable computer science to all US students.

Ruthe Farmer

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Chief Evangelist @csforall, crusader for equity in CS, tech & STEM, former Sr. Policy Advisor at the White House OSTP, fmr @ncwit, lifetime member @girlscouts

CSforALL Stories

Thoughts & conversations on the movement to bring rigorous, inclusive and sustainable computer science to all US students.

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