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A New Dashboard Could Improve the Implementation of Computer Science Education in K-12

New York, NY — CSforALL (Computer Science for ALL) has received funding from Infosys Foundation USA to assist the launch for a district data dashboard to support and measure district implementation of computer science education.

With support from Infosys Foundation USA, the construction and launch of a data dashboard for school districts that will offer CSforALL’s SCRIPT (Strategic CSforALL Resource & Implementation Planning Tool) program the service of a single data system. The proposed project scope will represent two early phases of a long-term goal, with the goal of providing school districts:

  • The ability to generate reports for stakeholders, monitor district participation, and initiate and track follow-ups with districts to monitor progress over time.
  • The portal will provide district-facing and facilitator-facing interfaces to facilitate the ability to walk participants through the various data tools and resources included in the SCRIPT program.
  • A process that begins with data collected during CSforALL’s SCRIPT workshops but continues with a long-term plan to develop (1) real-time resource recommendations, (2) district and scaffolded district connections and communication between districts and (3) other CSforALL members with resources to help.

“This new district data dashboard is a highly visible example of how the CS community is growing and demanding real-time feedback and resources from the implementers on the ground,” said Dr. Leigh Ann Delyser. “With this partnership, it reflects the rapid growth of CS education implementation across the nation and the innovative commitment that is required.”

CSforALL’s SCRIPT program is a framework to guide teams of K-12 district administrators, school leaders, and educators through a series of collaborative visioning, self-assessment and goal-setting exercises which leads to CS education implementation plans that will serve all students. To date, SCRIPT workshops led by the CSforALL team and our trained facilitators have already reached more than 200 state and local education agencies in 22 states, collectively serving more than 2.2 million students.

“We are thrilled to be working with CSforALL to launch the SCRIPT district data platform. It will help school districts and educators collaborate and set goals to ensure that computer science reaches K-12 students across the nation in a sustainable way.” — Kate Maloney, Executive Director, Infosys Foundation USA

More information on SCRIPT can be found here: https://www.csforall.org/projects_and_programs/script/

About CSforALL

CSforALL (csforall.org) is the national hub for the Computer Science for All movement that works to make high-quality computer science an integral part of the educational experience of all K-12 students and teachers. Founded in 2013 as CSNYC (csnyc.org), we established K-12 CS education as a citywide priority for New York City, where we are currently in year 4 of a 10-year public-private partnership to reach all 1.1 million public school students.

In 2016, we launched the CSforALL program at the White House to help connect and expand the national CSforALL movement and support local change efforts like NYC’s across the country. Today, in partnership with nearly 500 member organizations, we support local implementation, build the knowledge base and connect research to practice, and grow the movement nationally to include all potential stakeholders.

About Infosys Foundation USA

Infosys Foundation USA was established in 2015 with the mission of expanding computer science (CS) and maker education to K-12 students and teachers across the United States, with a specific focus on increasing access to underrepresented communities. The Foundation achieves impact through delivery of professional development programs for teachers, partnering with leading nonprofits, and by providing delivering innovative media campaigns that raise awareness about the Foundation’s commitment to bridging the digital divide. To date across all 50 states, the Foundation has reached approximately 14k teachers, 4 million students, and 22k schools.

CSforALL Stories

Thoughts & conversations on the movement to bring rigorous, inclusive and sustainable computer science to all US students.


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CSforALL is the national hub for the #ComputerScience for All movement. Much more content at medium.com/csforall-stories

CSforALL Stories

Thoughts & conversations on the movement to bring rigorous, inclusive and sustainable computer science to all US students.

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