See you at SIGCSE 2018!

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This week (February 21–24), the community of computer science educators and researchers will gather in Baltimore for SIGCSE 2018, the largest computing education conference worldwide.

List of SIGCSE presentations by CSforALL consortium members

The CSforALL team is excited to share insights and updates from our contribution to the collective mission of high-quality CS education for every student.

Here is where you can find CSforALL staff (pictured above) on the SIGCSE schedule:







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Special Thanks to all of the co-presenters with CSforALL staff on sessions, including:

  • Adrienne Decker (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • Beth Quinn (NCWIT)
  • Fred Martin (CSTA)
  • June Ahn (New York University)
  • Kathy Haynie (Haynie Research and Evaluation)
  • Kevin Wang (TEALS)
  • Lauren Penney (TEALS)
  • Monica M McGill (Knox College)
  • Miles Berry (University of Roehampton)
  • Nathaniel Granor (TEALS)
  • Nwannediya Ada Ibe (TEALS)
  • Rafi Santo (New York University)
  • Rebecca Howsmon (TEALS)
  • Sara Vogel (City University of New York)
  • Stacey Sexton (SageFox)
  • Tom McKlin (The Findings Group)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Leigh Ann DeLyser
Co-Founder & Managing Partner​

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