Three questions for Rachel Andrew before WebExpo Prague: CSS Grid Layout and Perch CMS

When speakers like this appear at WebExpo Prague, it is always a pleasure. I will tell you why Rachel Andrew is a must-see for every front end developer.

First, Rachel Andrew is an expert on new CSS layouts — Flexbox and CSS Grid Layout. She also cooperates with CSS Working Group as an Invited Expert (so she has firsthand information) and she writes an e-mail newsletter called CSS Layout News. This also happens to be the topic she has been dealing with in her books.

Second, see Perch. It is an extraordinary CMS, Wordpress with a human face if you like. And Rachel happens to be the co-author of this CMS, which is powering CSS Mine along with many other websites.

So, let’s see three questions I asked Rachel thanks to the organizers of WebExpo.

Rachel, Flexbox combines great technology with a practical application. No doubt about it. But what about CSS Grid Layout? Isn’t too soon to use it?

It’s too soon to be using it in production yes. However I believe it is important that developers and designers engage with specifications as they are in development, get to grips with them and then off feedback to the CSS Working Group. If you don’t do that at the point at which the spec is behind a flag and in development you lose that chance. As once some CSS is out there and being used on real sites, it’s too late to make changes.

Thanks for the excellent Perch CMS! I use it and I’m very happy about it. Are you planning any major innovations which are not publicly known?

We are currently working on a redesign of the UI which will ship with Perch 2.9. I’ve written a couple of posts about that process.

I noticed you’ve been in Prague. It’s something special, what you’re looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to visiting Prague itself — I have been before but was at a conference outside of the city in a business hotel so didn’t really get to experience Prague itself. At WebExpo I like the fact there are talks on business, development and design as these are all strands I think are important.

Thank you for the interviews and I am looking forward to your speech on Saturday afternoon.

Rachel’s speech: The right layout tool for the job.
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Jeffrey Zeldman, published under CC-BY-2 licence.

Originally published at on September 21, 2016.