Meet the new squeaky clean CSS Peeper

We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched the new, updated version of one of the best designers’ companions. CSS Peeper is a tool that allows you to inspect styles in a simple, well-organized & beautiful way! No more digging in a code.

Since the successful launch of CSS Peeper in December 2016 we’ve gathered over 30,000 active users, tons of valuable feedback and a great deal of appreciation from people from all over the world. 🙏Thank you all for being with us since the beginning of our journey!

If you haven’t heard about CSS Peeper yet you can read more about it here or just give it a try: 🔎 Get CSS Peeper for free here!

If you’re curious about the Back story of how and why the CSS Peeper was created just take a peep into our previous article: Introducing CSS Peeper: Smart CSS viewer tailored for Designers

💎 What’s new in CSS Peeper?

Squeaky clean and beautiful UI

We’ve decided to bring our user interface to the next level by simplifying the icons and reducing overall cognitive load by removing irrelevant labels and changing the presentation of plain data into more visual.

Instant color copying

The great deal of our users highly appreciated the way we’re inspecting and presenting colors in CSS Peeper. The only problem our users were facing was lack of a proper way to copy them. We’ve listened the voice of the users and came up with a solution everyone will love!

Now you can easily copy the color value and paste it straight into your favorite design tool. Simple and elegant solution that will come handy in daily grind!

Explore assets in more visual way

Browsing web assets is now much easier as we’ve increased the size of the thumbnail and put all the details within a hover. You can quickly recognize the assets you’re looking for and export them one by one or all at once.

Retouched Inspector

Inspector is the core feature of CSS Peeper so we’ve decided to bring it to the next level by making text data more visual. We’ve ended up with neat presentation of padding ma and margins of selected element.

Designers’ best companion

We’d really love to hear more from you guys so that we can keep designing CSS Peeper in user-centered way. All suggestions and ideas from you are really precious for us! Stay tuned as even more exciting stuff is coming!

🔎 Get CSS Peeper for free here!

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