Featured company: Hexegic

Only 4 days left before our expo programme! Time to put our participants in the spotlight. We hereby give the (virtual) floor to Ammi Virk, Head of Intelligence at Hexegic.

Hexegic is a privately-owned company specialising in Cyber Risk and Intelligence. With a footprint in Oxford and The Hague, the company enables accelerating organisations to meet today’s challenges; to improve insights, to underpin investments, to mitigate risks and to advance cyber security beyond the competition and threats. Hexegic’s ethos is to ‘Deliver Excellence Differently’ in order to empower clients and enhance organisational resilience through knowledge share across:

Cyber. Hexegic’s cyber team are skilled professionals operating at the top of this technical domain across Assessment, Treatment and Response. With a clear understanding of the latest threats and technologies, we will engage with clients to understand their business requirements and implement the most appropriate solutions and proportionate mitigations. We offer bespoke private cloud for those clients needing security, performance and governance. We will enhance your posture, response strategies and build resilience into your cyber security apparatus and knowledge base.

Risk. Hexegic’s risk team bring practitioner expertise to assist organisations in considering their risk posture, mitigation strategies, with the intent of reducing overall harm. Alongside a unique risk platform and assessment methodology, the team is exceptionally well placed to advise on risks in the design, fielding and operation of emerging technologies. From UAS, including drones and BVLOS, to IoT and online operations. Credible experience across intelligence, security, resilience, CNI and re-insurance markets.

Intelligence. Hexegic’s intelligence team is a thought leader in intelligence analysis, training and consultancy. With credible experience across many high performing organisations from small to large, from Governmental to NGOs and private clients to commercial. Hexegic’s unique approach will assist clients in adapting to the contemporary and dynamic operating environment. Developing bespoke target operating models, OSINT strategies, verification methodologies, simulations, policy and tools. We empower organisations by providing the insights that make for effective conduct and decision-making to increase operational effectiveness and resilience.

We work across business and physical landscapes all of the world. Supporting small, medium and large organisations inclusive of governmental, commercial and NGOs. Our clients are built upon our skill to develop effective long-term relationships and to integrate their mission and vision into our ongoing work. We will engage with them to understand their requirements, visualise our realisation of the needs, work with them to implement the most appropriate solution and review so that the results are strategic. This approach has enabled us and our clients to be forward client facing and solution minded.

If you are looking for a service and company which can analyse and provide the solutions to the most complicated Cyber, Risk and Intelligence facing your organisation contact us and we will engage immediately. www.hexegic.com


Building on the succes of the last two showcases, the…


Building on the succes of the last two showcases, the British Embassy is excited to participate again in this year’s Cyber Security Week The Hague.

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Building on the succes of the last two showcases, the British Embassy is excited to participate again in this year’s Cyber Security Week The Hague.