Join us at the Cyber Security Week 2018 in The Hague!

Building on the success of the last two showcases, the British Embassy is excited to participate again in this year’s Cyber Security Week The Hague. We’ve got a dedicated programme track where we want to showcase our companies and expertise, and please join us for our closing drinks at the pavilion to talk further! You can sign up at

TL;DR? Check out our flyer here.

Impression of our 2017 Showcase

After some welcoming words, the program will kick off with The Hampshire Police department. They will give a presentation about their Cyber Volunteers programme, where industry experts are recruited as volunteers for the police department. Over the next 18 months, this programme will be scaled on the national level in the UK, amounting to over 250 volunteers in total. Based on this success, the Dutch National Police is aiming to implement the same system here, and has already been discussed in parliament (; this is your opportunity to hear it from the people who actually started it!

We’ll then continue with a pitch by the company CounterCraft, an exciting opportunity to hear from a company that has directly benefited from the public private partnership (the NCSC accelerator that is the foundation of the UK’s ecosystem strength. Continuing, we’ll be joined by UM-Labs and KPN who will discuss their new partnership of encrypted cloud computing; a great example of a collaboration between startups and corporates, wherein KPN has certainly been taking the lead in the Netherlands.

We’ll then continue on with a lightning round of some great UK companies who are eager to expand their activities in the Netherlands; Hexegic, DOQEX, CyNation, Adeptis Group and Cambridge Intelligence.

Closing off our session will be Godfrey Gaston, Director of Operations at one of the leading cyber clusters in the UK; the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), based at Queens University in Belfast. He will highlight the close relationship between CSIT and the Hague Security Delta, and introduce two of the companies in their accelerator; Surevine and CyberOwl.

We’ll then close the day with drinks & snacks starting at 5pm (UK Pavilion (1.4), Fokker Terminal), so please come and join us to talk further! You’ll recognize our pavilion at the Big Ben (1.4 on the map).

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