Ridgefield, CT- Summer/Fall 2016

I had a very contemplative summer and one of my realizations was that I should broaden my interests and learn new skills. Aerial photography somehow came to mind, and I impulsively decided to buy some equipment. It is an expensive hobby, but not completely unattainable. I’ve also always been amazed by aeronautics. This led to me work with CUAir at Cornell, which designed and built drones within the College of Engineering.

Practicing flying and and learning about photography has been very enjoyable for me. I’ve taken a lot of photos in many different places. The best part of it all is sharing these images and videos with others. Below are some of my favorite photos/clips that I’ve taken in Ridgefield. I hope you enjoy.

Evening Mist over High Ridge Ave
Our house, High Ridge Ave
Peaceable Ridge
Our Backyard in July
Ridgefield High School
Mamanasco Lake
The Fountain at Dusk
Jesse Lee Pumpkin Patch

Best for last:

Main Street- Looking North
The Fountain in October