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Promoting exercise and improvement of health through Blockchain and AI technology.


Performance Lab was the world’s first commercial sports science consultancy, and has worked with tens of thousands of athletes, from beginners through to world champions. We have turned this coaching know-how into an AI platform called ARDA that has been licensed by Intel, Oakley, LifeBEAM, New Balance and others. Performance Lab’s goal is to help as many people as possible to be their best selves by achieving their fitness and wellness goals.


Today we live in a world full of data, but according to Performance Lab the data that you need when it comes to exercising efficiently, and with meaning, is, “1. What did I do? 2. How did I do? 3. What should I do next?”

Performance Lab has built an AI Coaching Platform that builds on core set of protected IP and algorithm of data from pre-activity (adaptive training plan, goals and history), in-activity (in-session coaching, activity classification fatigue detection), and post activity (blood pressure/ECG causation, performance measurement and tips for next time).

In the current system, health insurers, retailers with loyalty programs, advertisers and health researchers give generic offers to people who should be exercising. Their participation produces raw activity data, which is then passed on to health and fitness hardware/software vendors, which then gives raw data for users to view. The problem to this system is that 1. retailer offers are blind to customer behaviour and optimum timings, 2. the raw data is not insightful and the health sector can’t engage with it, and 3. the data is owned by the vendor, not the user. To solve this problem, Performance Lab built a cloud-based platform called ARDA to make sense of users’ activity data, and which deploys smart contracts to facilitate the sharing of insights with all participants in the health, wellness and fitness ecosystem.


Performance Lab’s token is called ARDAT Token and it is a *BCP compliant utility token. ARDATs can be used by holders in the following ways:

Personal Training Plan: A structured exercise schedule, completely personalized to take on board your goal, current fitness, existing commitments, and exercise history. Suited for those who are new to exercise, as well as veterans.
Adaptive Planner: Unique AI that maintains the integrity of structured training when life (inevitably) gets in the way. Injury, illness, family holiday or business trip and altered weekly commitments can all be accommodated. Your Personal Training Plan will evolve in response to these factors, allowing you to stay on track toward your health goal.
Workout Analyzer: We use a range of data streams and recent history to understand the context of your exercise, and what exactly you were doing. This allows us (and you) to see if you are on track, and if not, what needs to change. We can also show you where your effort and technique was optimal, and where you can improve.
Fitness Monitor: Who wants to see if and how they are improving, and what behaviors led to this? Answer: everyone.
Real-time Coach: An AI coaching assistant in your pocket and in your ear, keeping you on track and more importantly, monitoring your effort to make sure you don’t push too hard.
(From Arda AI Coaching Platform White Paper -

Since Performance Lab’s reason for being is to promote health and improvement as well as to incentivize users to be active in their exercise, ARDATs will be rewarded to the users when they reach milestones in their exercise journey. For each individual, the milestones are personalized. Appropriate milestones that Performance Lab will reward includes setting up your first time ever Personal Training Plan, getting to the six-week mark in your Personal Training Plan, having completed 75% of the suggested training, getting through the toughest week in your plan, adapting your training technique in response to the Real-Time coach, and supporting others in the community. By doing so, the users will receive tokens and Performance Lab will receive raw data, which benefits both sides.

The total supply of ARDAT is 900 million. During Performance Lab’s TGE (Token Generating Event), 36.5% of the total ARDAT tokens (328,500,000) will be allocated to investors. 25% (225,000,000) will be allocated to Performance Lab, 7.5% (67,500,000) to Developers, and 31% (27,900,000) will be reserved by the PL Platform. The funds raised from the TGE will be used for:

  1. Sourcing and incentivizing new participants (both End Users ad Data Consumers) who will enhance the Performance Lab platform and ecosystem for all participants
  2. Operational costs, infrastructure, and developers
  3. Marketing and PR for the Performance Lab platform
  4. Supporting and growing the Blockchain and Performance Lab developers community

Through this, Performance Lab will build a marketplace for compelling digital coaching experiences and value-added exercise data.

*BCP Classification: a classification and risk assessment created by MME

CTIA has supported Performance Lab by translating their marketing materials.

Performance Lab official website:

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