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A few thoughts on the state of our politics this week

All politics is #PizzaGate. As Right-Wing Media and prominent Republicans have taken to calling anyone who disagrees with them a groomer and a pedophile, all I can think about is #pizzagate and how hard it’s been for years to convince folks on the left that this is what the Right actually believes. At this point, I’ve briefed quite a few elected officials and their staff on the MAGA Cinematic…




Ctrl Alt-Right Delete is a newsletter devoted to covering the rise of far-right extremism, white nationalism disinformation, and online toxicity. It is written and edited by Melissa Ryan and is a product of CARD Strategies.

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Melissa Ryan

Melissa Ryan

Politics + technology. Author of Ctrl Alt Right Delete newsletter. Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/c74Vva. Coffee drinker. Kentucky basketball fan.

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