After the storm

Don’t look away

In the last 10 days we’ve ducked hurricanes, navigated earthquakes, escaped wild fires, fought deportation, and grieved our children. The planet is crying out. The people are marching. The systems are crumbling. The global heart is grieving. How do we make sense of these times? What is left over after the storm is our humanity. As Omid Safi reminds us, we often find our best selves in the midst of chaos. [See our PRACTICE THIS section below.]

Don’t look away. This is when we are revealed. And what we do now will determine who we are as a community and country.

This week’s WELLread is full of hidden gems. From the truth-telling of Ta-Nehisi Coates to the heroism of Edie Windsor to the messy and triumphant Hillary Clinton, and to the resilient dreamers. They remind us that we were made for these times.

— Kerri Kelly, founder of CTZNWELL

September 13, 2017*

This art installation along the US-Mexico border is so powerful. Share. Share. Share! Art by JR Artist. #artistswhodisrupt #DefendDACA
This is a breathtaking piece of journalism. Ta-Nehisi Coates dropped about 14,000 mics with this one. 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤


Bernie Sanders will introduce Medicare-for-all legislation today. Most Dems are on board. 15, to be exact are backing. Hillary is not. We’re reading this for a more in-depth look on why designer a program like this is harder than rallying support.

Hillary Clinton released, What Happened, a memoir-like recount of the 2016 election, and, oooh eee, lots of people are mad! We’re reading, “No, Hillary Clinton, the First Woman to Win a Major-Party Presidential Nomination, Does Not Need to Shut Up About It,” this piece comparing Clinton’s book with Bernie Sanders’s new release, and this advocating she write these next 19 books. :)

Girls. They are remaking Lord of the Flies. This time, girls survive. Excerpts here. Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez is making The Wonder Years about an undocumented family. And Ava DuVernay for the wins! 13th is arguably one of the most important films of our time.


The United We Dream UndocuHealth Project’s Mental Health Toolkit is essential during this time with things like “The 7 Steps to Keep Calm & Organize.” We recommend you bookmark it and revisit it often. Also, “Occupy Spirituality: A Radical Vision for a New Generation” was hailed in 2013, and, if you haven’t yet, it’s time to pick it back up again.

There is so much wisdom in this article by Yoga Journal on the future of yoga, but we’re particularly listening to the voices of Octavia Raheem, Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts, and Dr. Gail Parker to lead the way.

Are you practicing mean girl yoga? We’re also reading, “Mindfulness would be good for you. If it weren’t so selfish” and listening to Omid Safi’s wise words to find our best selves in the midst of chaos.

We remember by telling the whole story of who we are, where we came from, and how we got here. We don’t get to pick and choose. Read “‘Never forget’ 9–11? Then don’t tell blacks to get over terrors they remember.” And check out this perspective on 9/11 and reimagining citizenship by our founder Kerri Kelly.


Art by Heldáy de la Cruz. Via Women's March

We are outraged by the administration’s decision to end DACA. And we’re not alone. This Chelsea Handler video will get you in the mood for justice. The crew at Past Present go in depth into DACA’s history, if you’re brushing up. Use this resource list if you want to support urgent DACA renewals. Informed Immigrant has collected up-to-date, important information for immigrants and allies. And we’re reading this important article. #defendthedream

Have you had this debate lately? About hate speech and free speech? This is really a great piece from Professor George Lakoff of UC Berkeley on “Why Hate Speech is Not Free Speech.” THIS IS SO GOOD! Check out these tactics for fighting back against moral posturing. “All Lives Matter”? F*** your All Lives Matter. But, really, past the f bombs are good, clear tactics for pushing back against this tupe of language. And Miss Texas! Oh hell yeah.


RIP, Edith Windsor. Thank you for fighting for the quality of all of our lives. We salute you.


We were remiss last week to give credit where credit was due. And this GIF deserves credit! Art by Libby Vander Ploeg. And we’re kinda not sad we forgot because now we get to lift it up one more time. Blast. Off!

At CTZNWELL, we work at the intersection of practice and politics, because we understand that it’s not just about what we do to change the world but how we do it. Each week, we call on the perspectives of front-line organizers and spiritual leaders to help us make sense of what’s happening in the world AND cultivate capacity to show up and be bold in the face of whatever.