Don’t take no shit

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— Kerri Kelly, founder of CTZNWELL

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August 9th, 2017* //

Keeping #reclaimingmytime alive! New #signofresistance found via Women's March

Never lose hope. Don’t let people blow smoke or waste your time. Also watch this.

Speaking of strong black females 👆 who people expect to save the world: Why is everyone looking for a black female messiah? Because this. Also, Dear Democrats: please get your shit together. <<<< Must read. PRACTICING JUSTICE
Sometimes we can be a downer, because, well, we’re reporting the news in a very strange time. You’re welcome, though, for this explosion of cuteness and hope.

This is a great meditation from Omega Institute founder, Elizabeth Lesser. And it’s BEYOND(!!!) relevant for the time we’re living in. “Do no harm. But take no shit,” she coins it. We’re behind it 100%.

We’re reading this piece on how stereotypes of minorities that appear to signal strength and power can downplay the impact racial stigma has on marginalized communities. Read through for four action-oriented steps that people of color can use to work with mental health concerns and to heal.

We’re reading this article, “because “pussy power” is not enough to achieve reproductive justice.” Laid out are six guidelines for making your conversations about reproductive rights more inclusive for trans people.


Let’s keep accelerating our learning!

Donald Trump is casual, misguided, uninformed, and dangerous in his approach to the sensitive relationship we have with North Korea. His latest bravado is no departure from his norm. In light of it, read this brilliant piece on how it’s dangerous to have an “incurious” president.

Last week, Trump announced his support for the RAISE Act, which would cut immigration to the U.S. in half and create a merit-based system for entry. TIME Magazine created a quiz so you can see if you would pass. In times of complete idiocy, we need humor!

We’re reading the opinion piece, “The Policies of White Resentment,” this piece on “evidence that inequality is spiraling out of control,” and this one on Trump taking up the “cause of oppressed white people.”


Read this: “Dear Democrats, Equality Is Impossible Without Reproductive Rights.” It’s hard to stomach the bargaining. If you’re sick of it, too, pledge your name to only support prochoice candidates.

The Women’s March is organizing August Reset, during which you can schedule a meeting with your reps and articulate your demands. The action steps are laid out clearly here. Use the hashtag #WhatWomenDemand to stay actively engaged in the conversation. You have through September 4th!

This would normally go in our PRACTICING JUSTICE section but it demands action because it should be required reading.


This is a super interesting read on the history of anti-modernism and how it relates to today.


Thank you, Jamia Wilson, for being a total genius and bringing us this book to celebrate past and present black icons.

It’s National Book Lover’s Day. Huzzah! Even though the president and his staff think books are stupid (😭 for children everywhere), we don’t! And today, we’re celebrating this compilation of 52 black icons, from MLK Jr. to Oprah to Stevie Wonder to Serena Williams. Now, we, of course, can’t get the Nina Simone song out of our head. Which is totally Ok.


And now we’re singing this: “Bright eyes every now and then I fall apart.”

Maybe you’ve been on an internet diet and you don’t know there is a total solar eclipse around the corner. There is. Here’s what you need to know.

This newsletter is starstruck. Forward to a Friend who’s now only thinking about how we’re all made of dust.

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