Eloquent Rage

Do it with love. (From 6/6/2018)

I’m at retreat with Rev angel Kyodo williams this week to talk about how to wield Love & Power. And I think that’s the perfect practice for this week’s work. Because confronting the immoral detainment of children or the unjust denial of worker compensation or the disrespectful treatment of Black Women or the task of taking back our House requires a capacity for both.

We need to show up and demonstrate that we will not tolerate a culture of hate and policies of fear. But we have to also do it with love. Not the mushy, passive kind of love. But the kind of love that fights like hell for justice. That refuses to replicate the same old systems that got us into this mess.

It’s a new way of being, an eloquent rage, that embodies both resistance and the resilience and moves us in the direction of liberation and wellbeing for everyone.

-Kerri Kelly

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