Handmaids Tale #IRL

From July 11, 2018

Much of what’s happening in real time feels like either time travel or fictional horror. But this is not The Handmaid’s Tale or a history reenactment.

This is really happening.

Our most basic human rights are at stake — in the hands of a reckless tyrant, a runaway congress and a Supreme Court heist. But there is another “branch” of government that is not yet spoiled — we, the people. If we want to reclaim our democracy, we are gonna need to come together and build power.

Posting helps. But voting changes shit. (Moby).

In this week’s #WELLREAD, we are getting real about what’s at stake, asking hard questions about how we got here, practicing what we preach and vowing to come together and take back our power.

But we can’t do it alone.

We need to go get our people. The ones who prefer their comfort zone; the ones with the privilege to stay out of politics; the ones who think it’s enough to meditate and eat organic (you know who I’m talking about).

When we get serious about taking care of each other, we can’t not engage in politics.

It’s time to #TakeBackOurHouse.


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