Healing is our birthright!

So let’s start (from 5/2/18)

In our latest CTZN Podcast, Tarana Burke #MeToo founder, activist and healer said:

I can’t tell people what their journey is, I can’t teach them how to heal, but I can certainly help people find entry points to start their journey.

Ashley Judd doubled down on that this week with her letter to survivors saying that “Healing, damn it, is our birthright”. We all deserve to heal. And our journey towards healing and liberation is going to be different based on our location in society. For some of us, that looks like radical self-care and protection. For others, especially people of privilege, that looks like getting courageous and doing the uncomfortable and often inconvenient work of dismantling systems of oppression.

We all have a part to play in our collective healing and liberation. As Tarana says, “healing is a lifelong journey and the hardest part is starting”.

So let’s start.

-Kerri Kelly
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