Horrified and heartbroken

We must rely on each other.

The actions of this administration are beyond wrong and unjust. They are straight up heartbreaking. This week has us wondering “what’s next”? With a runaway Senate advancing a secret healthcare bill that nearly everyone opposes to another “ban” by the administration to dehumanize trans military service persons as a “distraction,” we are being challenged on all fronts. And we are heartbroken.

Here’s the thing…it is becoming more and more apparent that we can’t rely on our government to take care of our community and country. But we do have each other. Coming together, practicing together, and showing up boldly for our collective wellbeing and human rights is more important now than ever. And it’s not just what we do together, but HOW we do it. How we practice justice and cocreate new systems that take care of everyone will define our future for decades to come. We must resist, we must reclaim, and we must recreate.

So let’s channel our outrage into courageous action and creative activism. We are fighting for our lives and our dignity.

— Kerri Kelly, founder of CTZNWELL

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July 26, 2017* // 🥋

There is so much talk of fake news from both sides. And, yes, our media has biases. And they run WAY deeper than political affiliation. This Brooklyn artist is using his talent to expose the biases and stereotypes portrayed every single day in the media. His work is powerful. 📰


During heartbreaking and trying times, and these are trying times, it’s hard to be told that these are the times that make us if they don’t break us. But it’s true. It’s a really good time to reread Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron’s famous book When Things Fall Apart. And YOU HAVE TO READ these on-point words from Parker Palmer. #poetryforourtimes When shit gets real, we get to know what we’re really made of.

This is a great piece about how vital it is for us to speak up about the abuse, capitalism, and bullshit taking over the yoga industry.

“I write with love and respect for those who will not sell or whore their teaching or personal practice for a life of material ease…Love for those…who cherish self-direction and self-sovereignty and freedom more than belonging.” 🙏

AND “Our Teachers Are Not Gods.”


Repost from Chani Nicholas.

Trump’s latest “ban” is targeting transgender people serving in the military. Right now 15,000 people are actively serving in the military, and there are 134,000 trans veterans. “The military is an imperialist tool, but the ban on trans folks is dehumanizing as fuck.”

Yesterday, the Senate voted to advance the mysterious (and unpopular) healthcare bill. And they voted against a straight repeal of Obamacare. And today they voted to not gut major parts of the ACA without replacement. We know. It’s a cluster f*&!k of smoke and mirrors. Here is a chart to help you understand what’s going on. And a Twitter thread that helps too. Also, this is a helpful article on the amendment process of “vote-a-rama.” One thing we do know: People care about their healthcare. More people protested in June than in any other month since January. AND we have to keep fighting. See ACT UP.

Read this on the bad hombres (er, mothers) who are being deported by Trump. “His administration’s agents are targeting, in large numbers, individuals for whom public-safety justifications for removal don’t apply.” A veteran ICE agent speaks out in this piece on just how different the agency is now under our new administration. And there is a new reality inside child welfare called Jane Crow. The crackdown on child removals from their single mothers is increasing and dangerous.


Sometimes ACTING UP is a long, arduous road of small steps taken toward justice and love for all people. And it’s tiring. We move forward together.

This is an important piece by the Bystander Intervention Program Coordinator for Hollaback! on how bystander intervention is vital right now: Read “How to Intervene Against Hate in the Age of Trump.” And The Trevor Project is another good resource. Stay informed through their Twitter feed. Now is the time to stand up and let your voice be heard. #ProtectTransTroops #TransRightsAreHumanRights

We can’t stop voicing our opposition to the insanity around the GOP healthcare debacle. Here is a toolkit so you can continue to fight. Call a friend. Take action together. Indivisible has a really easy way for you to submit your own amendment to stop Senate Republicans from railroading this through. And sign your name for the wellbeing of all people through this petition. Healthcare is a human right.

Sometimes we can use our consumer power to move the needle. This list of black-owned businesses focusing on back-to-school products is really good.

Allyship is a hot-button topic in 2017. And it’s also very important. We wrote a few weeks back about how allyship is changing and being called to uplevel. See this piece we wrote on the Safety Pin founders, who are using effective allyship to redistribute funding to black and brown activists. White Nonsense Roundup is also changing white allyship. It was created by two white women with a clear intention: “We are here to be allies and have difficult conversations with white people about systemic racism.” Their express purpose is to take the onus of explaining systemic racism off of the plates of black and brown people. Having a heated conversation on FB? And someone posts, “#AllLivesMatter”? You can tag White Nonsense Roundup and they will engage in the conversation with research, tools, articles, and arguments to educate the people in the discussion.


This is our WTF LAST WORD. Read this argument for why the new show Confederate will be the most “unnecessary series ever created.” And why it’s a product of a complete lack of awareness that we are NOT living in a post-racial America. These 7 tweets show just how pissed off people are.


#6: Lemonade

NPR put together an epic compilation of 150 albums made by women between 1964 and today. Produced by 50 women from radio org, this list puts women artists front and center. Complete with historical context for each album, it is worth the time to sift through the decades of female struggle, desire, empowerment, and musical prowess.

This newsletter is thinking about starting fires with Bey. Forward to a Friend who wants to light it up.

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