Resilience Queens

The politics of compassion meets the new cigarette and a viral video uplift

We’d like to take this moment to appreciate YOU and celebrate a triumph of wellbeing and humanity. Too often, in our relentless pursuit of justice, we don’t pause to acknowledge how far we’ve come together. And we have come along way, baby. So from all of us at CTZNWELL, THANK YOU for marching and calling and yelling from the rooftops. But most of all, for staying true to our values and commitment to collective wellbeing.

But it’s not over.

The rollbacks keep coming this week as we brace ourselves for the next wave of resistance. From building a wall to affirmative action to immigration-policy restrictions, this administration is not faltering. And neither are we.

Resilience is the way, and we’ve got everything we need to stay the course and sustain the resistance. Shout out to this week’s resilience queens: Nayyirah Waheed, Lisa Bloom, Amy McGrath, Maya Angelou, Sheryl Sandberg, and Maxine Waters, for keeping us inspired.

— Kerri Kelly, founder of CTZNWELL

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August 2, 2017* // 💓

We love this Banksy piece. We’re moving forward. Hearts mended. Still beating. P.S. If you don’t follow Banksy on Twitter, you should. Inspiring and activating words and images for our present day.
It is Maxine Waters’ year. She continues to stand strong and demand respect from a mostly white, male Congress. And she’s so over the smoke, mirrors, and wasting of time (us too!) that goes on daily inside their chambers. Her latest meme is just so brilliant, and every time she speaks and demands simple, clear answers, she is speaking up for democracy and on behalf of citizens of this country. Which is what all of our reps should be doing! So, although, we are just as obsessed with Auntie Maxine as you are, we also wish she was not such an anomaly. Bonus: her meme is now a gospel remix, which you HAVE to see.


Nayyirah Waheed is a poet based in the U.S. Above👆: her reminder to us to keep going. Here are more of her words. They are stunning.

This week’s PJ section reads like a recipe for what we need now:

Why do we ignore mass atrocities?” It comes down to our capacity for compassion. The latest, in Truthout’s online series Fighting for Our Lives, is an important read on how we have no choice but to care for the people that need our care the most. Some people don’t have families to step up. Maya Angelou wants you to pay it forward. And read this: James Baldwin (Happy Birthday, btw)! on how reading connects us to the plight, struggles, and humanity of those we don’t know.

“An artist is a sort of emotional or spiritual historian. His role is to make you realize the doom and glory of knowing who you are and what you are.” -James Baldwin

Meditation can’t cure us (we have to take action, too), but it’s an important tool in our fight toward justice and the anxieties we got from our long line of ancestors.

Everyone is talking about resilience. It’s buzzy in part because Sheryl Sandberg wrote a book on it. But in other parts because we need to practice it so badly right now. This is a good piece on how to practice resilience in midlife. Advice works for all age groups, though :)


The WH under Trump is bizarro world, for sure. Scaramucci. Attacking Affirmative Action. WTF?! What will John Kelly, new chief of staff, do? We’re watching. And what kind of prez calls the White House a dump? Chelsea Clinton is pissed.

The WH just took on affirmative action in college admissions in an effort to protect white students (WTF?). Our favorite bad ass attorney, Lisa Bloom, put it best “White people incorrectly think anti-white bias is biggest racial problem we have. White people, we are the problem.” What she said.

There is an opioid epidemic building in the U.S. But cigarettes “kill 15 times more people.” And Cory Booker is pushing to legalize weed. Check it out.

The GOP healthcare bill was defeated. By who? Us! Us!!! But Mitch McConnell has left the door open for another try. And “Republicans are begging Trump not to sabotage Obamacare.” We have to keep our eyes and ears open. Also, some progressive Democrats are eyeing 2018 and using healthcare policy as their ticket.

AND this just in…#45 just made his immigration policy official with The RAISE Act (spoiler: it favors green card applicants who speak English, financially support themselves, and contribute to the economy). More. Of. The. Same.


[via The Huffington Post]

Senate women helped derail the GOP healthcare bill. More women in office would be good for business. Do you want to run for office? Check out VoteRunLead for trainings and support. And meet Amy McGrath! The first woman marine to fly in combat. She is running for office in Kentucky. And she’s really inspiring. So is her mom!

Under the Trump administration, the planet is not a priority. Defunding the EPA is a priority. He withdrew the U.S. from the Paris climate accord. Good timing >>> An Inconvenient Truth sequel is out. Spread the word. And #BeInconvenient. If you want to ACT UP more for our planet, sign on here.

There is a new doc that everyone is talking about. We know. You’ve already heard about it. This article challenges just about everything in it. Also, “Everything we love to eat is a scam.” Ok. Probably not everything. But this book says it is!


There is a lot on the internet that can take you down a very long, winding spiral. This will lift you right back up.


Yes. By this fall lineup.

This newsletter wants its heart out and proud. Forward to a Friend who’s loving outloud, too.

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