Rising up for Roe

From August 15, 2018

In this week’s #WELLREAD, Ai Jen Poo asks

“How should civil society respond when the values that define who we are collectively in America — equality and inclusion, freedom of speech, sanctuary to those in need, due process, and protecting the most vulnerable among us — appear to erode?”

This feels like the exact question we should be asking right now given the stakes. While it’s true, that we cannot fall victim to replicating oppressive behavior and perpetuating separation, we also cannot nice-nice this moment. We are in fight of our lives over the next couple months. The September 4th hearing date for SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh puts the future of our safety, civil rights and wellbeing front and center (NK…everything from abortion to gun rights to climate change is up for grabs). And so back to the question…

How do we respond?

Here’s a helpful framework inspired by our contributors this week:

1. RADICAL: Right action requires that you not just know your values, but also your location in society and how that informs your role and responsibility. It is a radical practice of self awareness that understands our privilege and power in society. 
2. READY: Ask hard questions of yourself and your peers about what matters and why. Don’t default to positions, rather stay curious about what you don’t know and capable of holding the complexity of this moment. 
3. RESPONSIVE: Don’t just do anything, do what is needed. Look to the leadership of those who are most impacted to assess how you can make the best impact.

And most importantly, y’all, do it with love and care. Anything else is besides the point.


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