The #YogaVote

From July 25, 2018

Everyone is asking “is there such a thing as the #YogaVote”? But the #YogaVote can’t be reduced to a wellness trend or identity politics. There is evidence that people are aligned in values AND acting according to their values — just look at the 290 billion health and sustainability market. The question is, will we vote our values? Will we engage beyond our individual circumstances? Will we come together in solidarity for the wellbeing of everyone, not just a few?

This weekend marks #100DaysOut from the midterm elections — perhaps the most significant (and achievable) goal in taking back our power and reclaiming some balance in government. But the blue wave won’t make itself. We need everyone actively engaged in deep democracy — having courageous conversations about the candidates and issues that matter and turning out the vote so that everyone is represented.

We are more than a voting body to be bought and sold. We are a community aligned in values and practice and ready to act in the name of love and justice. And we’ve got our work cut out for us.

So let’s show them what we are made of.


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