Wage Beauty

Women everywhere are FIRED UP. We’ve had our fill this week of scumbags, sexual predators, and politicians who want to govern our bodies. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico is fading away, California is burning, and we are on the verge of a nuclear conflict.

Enough is enough.

Women are coming out and speaking up. Thanks to Ashley Judd for breaking the silence and taking a stand for violence against women. Her TED talk is a must see. (Scroll down.) We are sourcing strength and solidarity from each other. With each person who courageously steps forward and says “this is not ok,” we unleash our collective healing and emerge into the wise witches we’ve always been.

We wage beauty through our truth and courage, dismantling the systems that have denied our dignity and wholeness and demand better for ourselves and one another.

And so while we rise up and rage against the machine, we wage beauty and lead with love. Grateful to the wise words of Mark Gonzales:

Even when your breath seems 
weak & quivering, give thanks.
Wounded though an exhale
may be, it is scientific proof 
we are still amongst the land 
of the living.

That alone is reason for hope.

— Kerri Kelly, founder of CTZNWELL

*October 11, 2017*

Laurie Penny brings it in this piece on consent culture and how “technically” not sexually assaulting women is not good enough. It’s an “OMG,” “WTF,” “HELL YES” kind of read. Check it out.


Ashley Judd was the first to come out publicly about the abuse she faced by Harvey Weinstein. Her October 2016 talk about online abuse against women is really good.

The Harvey Weinstein allegations are despicable. And, sadly, very typical in the movie biz, many industries and society, in general (and, oh, the White House). Which is why it took decades for the stories to come out.

Lena Dunham writes about how lucky she is to have had a Hollywood experience where she got to shape a world where women rule and sexual harassment is unacceptable. Amen to that.

But let us not forget our very own Predator in Chief. Trump’s list of discretions is stunningly long, despite the lies. How will we hold him accountable?

We’re rereading this piece from last year: “The only people who can stop locker room talk are men.”

Men should spend less time harassing and more time understanding women. And their needs.

And New York Magazine is calling it! Officially, 2017 is: “The Year Of The Sociopathic Baby-Men.”


Good goddess.

Obamacare included a really important provision outlawing employers from banning birth control from insurance plans based on religious or moral issues. Trump is rolling this back. We wish the White House would stop distorting scienceto push regulations that take away sexual freedom from women. And push anti-choice legislation. It’s f***ing exhausting.

If Trump goes through with his healthcare executive order, it could be disastrous for the marketplace: “In theory, letting people buy cheaper, leaner plans sounds great. Until you’re diagnosed with a chronic condition or serious disease.” Simultaneously, the administration is taking steps to ensure that states don’t “bolster health insurance markets and lower premiums.”

And “Here’s What Jeff Sessions’ LGBT Workplace Discrimination Positions Actually Mean For You.”


Puerto Rico is going to be recovering from its humanitarian disaster created by Hurricane Maria for a very long time. Here are some things to keep you informed and engaged about what these American citizens are facing as news begins to shift its gaze away from them.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of Hamilton, has released Almost Like Praying to help raise money for relief efforts in Puerto Rico. The song features prominent Latinx artist like Jennifer Lopez and Gloria Estefan. Every download through all the music platforms supports The Hispanic Federation. And it’s beautiful.

And if you haven’t seen Full Frontal with Samantha Bee’s coverage of Puerto Rico, watch it here. As we said on FB, get out your WTFs and send help if you can.


We’re remembering activist and philosopher Grace Lee Boggs, who died two years ago this month, for her words and wisdom: “We Have to Change Ourselves in Order to Change the World.”

Mental health often gets overlooked. We focus on physical ailments and sweep many emotional disorders and ailings under the rug. Which is why it’s refreshing to hear a former U.S. Surgeon General discuss our current health crisis of loneliness.

We’re reading: “Black women tried to save you, America. You didn’t want to be saved”; Trap yoga is spiritual resistance for black women; And “I am drowning in whiteness.” < Must read.

Are you tired? John Pavlovitz on how tired 2017 has made us and what we can do about it.

Brene Brown’s top six books on bravery are here. Because we. need. brave. right. now.


In Times of Terror, Wage Beauty has brought us through many dark times. It is a tool for activists, peace makers, and wellbeing warriors, who believe “healing is possible.” And it now has a new digital home. Go navigate through the site and soak in the prescient and penetrating words by poet and storyteller Mark Gonzales.

At CTZNWELL, we work at the intersection of practice and politics, because we understand that it’s not just about what we do to change the world but how we do it. Each week, we call on the perspectives of front-line organizers and spiritual leaders to help us make sense of what’s happening in the world AND cultivate capacity to show up and be bold in the face of whatever.

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