We do not consent.

From October 3, 2018

(In response to the gross injustice by our own government, we’ve come together to say “Enough”. This #WELLREAD is dedicated to this call to action. Here’s an excerpt from our official statement on the call for #BlackFridays).

To all who are grieving for themselves and this country, who are in pain and feeling the deep effects of this toxic culture — some for the first time, and others, as they have for their entire lifetimes — you are not alone.

We, the undersigned, are an intersectional group of womxn* from every cross section of society who have come together in sacred rage and with a call to ACT.

Starting this Friday and continuing weekly through November 23rd, we are calling on womxn to wear black, rise up, and put a halt to ‘business as usual.’

Womxn have power. The systems in this country depend on us — our work, our time, our bodies. On #BlackFridays, we refuse to comply with those who demean, destroy, and erase us. We refuse to take care of a system that doesn’t take care of us.

On #BlackFridays, we will take action where we live, walk out of our workplaces and schools and disrupt business as usual to build power that transforms our society. We will be a show of force in the streets and in the halls of government, corporations, and institutions alike.

We understand that womxn’s relationship to work is not easy, and that our lives and our bodies are not valued equitably. Structural oppression makes resistance infinitely more complicated for some of us than it is for others. We recognize these disparities will shape the ways we each show up and hold space for all to express their rage in the ways that they can.

On Fridays, we will disrupt, we will gather to love and protect each other. We deserve better, and we demand it. We won’t stop until we win.

Yours in sisterhood.

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