We got Goop’d

We are swimming in a sea of lies and corruption — served up on a silver platter by sexy ad campaigns, wellness mavens, federal judges and the Chief himself.

But while we are defending the truth and fighting for justice, we cannot take our eyes off the prize. Simultaneous to our resistance must be the courage and creativity to build something in it’s place. It requires a capacity to hold complex truths at the same time, to adapt in real time and respond gracefully to what is needed, to be diligent in our effort and action while still centering relationship and humanity. We cannot be distracted by fear so much so that we lose the plot and go off the rails.

And that’s exactly what we are being challenged to do this week. While we face the very real threat that is the possible nomination of Kavanaugh, we also celebrate the bench that is being built by black candidates who are holding a direction for our country that is brave and uncompromising. Ayanna Pressley’s victory (like Abrams and Gillum and Ocasio-Cortez) is a reminder that while we block and tackle, we are also building the more beautiful society that we all deserve.

The truth will set us free. We just need to be in relentless pursuit of it.


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