We will not cooperate

From June 27, 2018

Ok…I want to talk about civility and what’s at stake. Because we are at a crossroads and we cannot afford to divide and conquer here. We need everyone.

Rep Maxine Waters called for the people to rise up and “push back” (her exact words) to demonstrate our intolerance of the hateful and harmful policies of this administration. Her call to action is for noncooperation and peaceful protest with an unjust regime. Completely appropriate given the stakes.

At CTZNWELL, we believe in leading with love. And that looks like showing up courageously in the face of injustice. It looks like peaceful protest. It looks like civil disobedience. It looks like putting our bodies on the line. It looks like speaking truth to power. It looks like voting. And it looks like disruption and non cooperation. We do not negotiate with injustice. We will not be neutral or polite.

We will be diligent.
We will be be focused.
We will be dignified.
And we will win.

It may not be today or tomorrow, but if we continue to coordinate and build power in the name of love and justice, we can’t lose.


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