You are so f***ing resilient

This week, we shift into a new gear. It’s not necessarily faster. It’s focused. Our words are deliberate, and our commitment is strong. With the repeal of DACA, we are more resolved than ever in our values and vision. Immigrants belong here. They are our friends and neighbors, our coworkers and caretakers, and they are central to our community and culture. And we won’t let them tear us apart. With every rollback, we rise up. We tweet, we call, we preach, and we march. Because this isn’t about policy. This is about who we are as a country and a community. And as we demonstrated yesterday, we are so f***ing resilient!

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— Kerri Kelly, founder of CTZNWELL

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September 6, 2017* // 💪

In the spirit of having important conversations around holidays like Labor Day, this is a really interesting piece on the shifting landscapes and profit models of large U.S. corporations and how their evolution impacts workers dramatically. Take a look: Kodak in 1987 v. Apple in 2017.


This is what a shutdown looks like. Movimiento Cosecha #CosechaMovement #DacaFightsBack #HereToStay #EveryoneWell #NoJusticeNoPeace

Yesterday, AG Jeff Sessions, long-time foe of DACA, announced the immigration program will end. Here is an explainer if you’re unsure on the details of it. And this is a great Twitter feed on how it works and its impact on us. NY says it will sue. Undocumented youths are speaking out online. One dreamer shares his fears for his future in this NYT op-ed. And this is a heartbreaking story of a DACA recipient who died rescuing Harvey victims. Read this: “Black, Undocumented And Fighting to Survive” and this one on dreamers with disabilities. See below for our ALL HANDS ON DECK section for ways to get involved and fight back.


Here are six ways to be better allies. Thank you to Courtney Ariel and Sojourners for writing and pubbing this important guide. And if you haven’t read this piece,

“What I Said When My White Friend Asked for My Black Opinion on White Privilege,”

from July 2016, you must now. Was relevant then. Is relevant now. Read. Share. Repeat.

These are important strategies for self-care here. Practice. Repeat.

Two of our favorite women dropped wisdom bombs this week. Read here and here. And here’s a stunning poem to save you from the weight of the world right now.

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