Your Body is a Battleground

Reclaiming our humanity (from 5/29/18)

Our bodies are on the line — whether under threat by domestic gag rules that endanger women’s lives or border policies that separate our children from their families or suspicious calls to police that put black bodies at risk.

This is not just about reclaiming our democracy, its about reclaiming our dignity, it’s about reclaiming our bodies, it’s about reclaiming our humanity. And you are right to ask yourself “who is next?” because this administration continues to prove that unless you are white, wealthy and male, you are not safe here.

It’s time we face the difficult truth of who we are in America and how we got here. And acknowledge the collective wounds that continue to play out in modern day: slavery masked as poverty pay, colonization through gentrification, oppression against women when they are denied health and reproductive services.

As Mark Gonzales says, “we cannot heal what we will not face”. Only through truth and reconciliation can we stop replicating systems of oppression and create something better. A future for all of us.

-Kerri Kelly

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