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Nov 23, 2018 · 5 min read

Singapore, November 24, — A hands-on blockchain game designed for all players to become creators is officially launched today. Inspired by the open-ended, playful creativity, Cubego introduces a unique gameplay by letting players craft their own personalized 3D characters from cube blocks called “Cubego” of various materials and colors. In Cubego, players give their 3D characters a life, from looks to movements and all their abilities and embark on a journey with them. Players can also share and trade their characters with other players.

“It means so much to bring the LEGO idea to the decentralized world. One of the Cubego’s core inspirations is “to allow every one of us to freely showcase our creativity and individuality as well as to have fun at the same time”. We want to create a space where players gather to create, share their creations, join exciting journeys and earn real values” — Co-founder Nedrick Ngo


Cubego starts with a simple format in which players build digital 3D characters called “Cubegon” from the cube blocks and then duel each other to earn rewards. Despite its simplicity, the Cubego world is limitless and allows each player to experience it in his/her own way. Even before the pre-sale, we received an overwhelming excitement from many blockchain enthusiasts and gamers as they have created and shared with us many amazing Cubegon models. Here are some that have been shared among the community.

In fact, Cubego is like no other games that you have seen before, be they traditional or blockchain ones. Cubego pushes the boundaries of asset ownership in blockchain games. Players now have the highest level of ownership that they not only have a full control over their assets but also have a freedom to create and decide everything from looks to abilities of their own characters. In addition, Cubego characters may exist in countless ways outside our ecosystem thanks to the blockchain technology.

Moreover, every character is 100% unique and comes with an exclusive copyright owned by players and protected by Cubego’s smart contracts. No one, even the game developers and distributors, can interfere with this right. Furthermore, every player has the exclusive right to build variants from her original model. Cubego cares and protects the right of creators — Cubego players!

In addition to the core principle of recognizing the value of players’ creativity and protecting it, Cubego makes their characters’ journey more interesting with combat features. The very first feature will be 3D arenas for players to take part in, conquer challenges and collect massive rewards.

Click here to visit our demo battle.


Cubego provides a handy building tool to make it easy for everyone to jump in and create things. This creates a welcoming setting for all players, from beginners players to seasoned artists.

Cubegoes are ingredients of Cubego’s character (Cubegon). Cubegoes are modified ERC20 tokens stored on blockchain (except Basic Cubegoes), as such they are tradable between addresses. Materials’ rarity and preciousness are categorized into 5 ‘Tiers”. Their power is determined by a descending order consisting of: Legendary, Epic, Rare, Common and Basic.

More precious materials yield a greater chance to create more powerful characters. How players pick Cubegoes of various aesthetics, types and abilities will determine the look and value of their creations (Cubegons) [read more detailed — game intro]. Cubegons are ERC-721 tokens, stored in player ETH address and are tradable between addresses.


[Creating Cubegon]

  • Collecting components: The stage where creators gather their ingredients, through the Presale which will begin on 24 November
  • Creating Cubegons: Building tool will be ready (latest by 3 Dec) and the marketplace is also opened for players to buy and sell their characters (in Dec)

[Cubegon Exploration]

  • Combat: The first battle mode where Cubegons join to collect rewards and unlock further skills. The most basic battles are turn-based in 1v1 settings. Player can watch Cubegons battle from different angles in a 3D environment.
  • More features including ranked combat, clan war and so on will be released in the year of 2019 to make Cubegons’ journey more exciting.

[Reality Cubegon]

VR, AR technology will be applied to bring users the next-level gaming experience. Players will be able to craft their characters in a total new way and explore the real-world environment with them to make their own unique stories and adventures.


Cubego Pre-sale will begin on 24th November. This will be the only chance for players to obtain precious and limited cube blocks from store, including Legendary, Epic, and Rare Cubegoes. These cube blocks are essential ingredients for high-tier Cubegons, which will give players not only an edge in combat when Arena is released but also a massive value from unique Cubegons they build.

Taking the first step to pick up Cubego blocks and shape your squad right now — Creators!

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EMONT Alliance develops and publishes Cubego, as well as Etheremon, one of the leading blockchain games. EMONT Alliance also has other game members such as MyCryptoHeroes, developed by Double Jump studio. EMONT Alliance’s mission is to empower game builders in the blockchain space and build a strong ecosystem of high-quality gaming dapps that will enter everyone’s daily life.

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