Cubego is on sale on Saturday, November 24

The wait is over! Grab the limited cube blocks with the special discount while it lasts. Enter!

The wait is over!

Since the announcement of Cubego, we have received an overwhelming support and warmly greetings from the passionate blockchain community. As a lot of talents were identified and many awesome Cubegon creations were shared, we eagerly anticipate to liven up those creations.

As you all know, Cubegoes are the components to build Cubegon characters and bring life to them. Each Cubego type possesses a distinct strength and greatly influences the power of your characters. The choice of material for your Cubegons invariably impacts their properties including aesthetics, tiers and power and may give you a competitive edge in combat. Rare and Epic materials are named for a reason, as they are limited materials carrying special strength.

The Presale is an exclusive time for players to acquire Epic and Rare Cubegoes from the official store. With the official launch of Cubego, we are thrilled to announce the Presale will start on Saturday, November 24, 1:00 UTC and will end on December 31, 23:59 UTC.

What’s special

Ultimate pack: A must-have value pack which combines all Epic and Rare Cubegoes to be obtained in just one purchase! This pack is meant to give you a maximum flexibility to build Cubegons in the way you want.

Besides, you can also choose any pack of your favourite Epic and Rare materials. Stock up on the materials and colors you love so you never have to worry about insufficient materials when building your characters.

All of these Cubegoes are tokens, stored inside your wallets and are tradable, hence you will be able to trade them in market later on.

To find out more, kindly visit website:

NOW! Grab our special discount while it lasts

  • 1st week Early bird offer: only valid from November 24 to November 30
Purchase any pack and get 10% off your purchasing.
  • 2nd week Early bird offer: only valid from December 01 to December 07
Purchase any pack and get 5% off your purchasing.

***You will be able to start building your Cubegons from 3 December (or perhaps earlier). Common-tier Cubegoes are supplied unlimitedly and will be able to acquire any time as you build you Cubegons.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know in our community channel

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