Cubego Presale Updates

Summary— Cubego Presale did not meet expectation in raising fund for development. Refund to be issued by 4th Jan. Users keep all assets purchased.

Dear Presale participants,

As Cubego Presale fund did not meet our expectation and could not keep the game development sustainable, we decided to suspend the game for mechanic improvements before re-release.

Though we have seen user interest in having their personalized 3D characters that are non-replicable, it was feedback-ed that the current mechanic is too difficult for gamers to start creating their own models. Not many crypto owners are comfortable building models from scratch given the current size of the cryptogame market, and this became a big roadblock for people to get started.

All Presale fund (together with referral income) will be refunded to Presale participants, including all cube blocks and Cubegons purchases. All refunds will be completed by 4 January 2019 and sent to Presale participants’ wallets. You will receive an email from upon refunds issued. All assets including Cube blocks and Cubegons will still be under users’ ownership and are transferrable.

For enquiries, please reach out to us via social channels or drop an email to contact@cubego,io.