Cubego RoadMap — Market, Lab and Game Modes

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Since the announcement of Cubego to the blockchain gaming space, we have been very excited to receive a lot of support from the gamer’s community for Cubego’s unique gameplay and mechanics. With the next important phase of Marketplace release, we would like to take this chance to share with you a bigger picture of Cubego’s Roadmap.

1. Players’ Assets

As you already know, both Cubegoes (cube blocks) and Cubegons (characters) are tokens on the Ethereum network. As such, they are safely stored inside your wallet and fully controlled by you.

Out of 12 Cubegoes, 7 are limited, consisting of Rare cubes (Wood, Stone and Iron), Epic cubes (Silver, Ice and Gold) and Legendary cubes (Diamond). You can only find them in store during the on-going Presale!

“Build” is an important function to create characters in-game, however, another approach is to get characters on market. If you want to create your own, simply assemble cube blocks of various colors and textures the way you desire.

Cubegons are categorized into 4 Tiers. Stronger-tier Cubegons not only have higher base stats but also have potential to unlock special abilities. Do note that limited cube blocks are key ingredients for strong Cubegons.

2. Market

In-game market will support trading for both Cubegoes and Cubegons. Limited Cubego materials are what will be sought for on market, as they are not available in the store post-Presale.

3. Game Modes

There are several game modes that we will gradually release in 2019.

— Arena & Ranked Battle: Battle starts with Duel in Cubegon Arena (1-v-1), followed by Ranked Battle. There will be several Arenas and you need to unlock them by getting enough points from winning battles. The higher your rank is, the stronger opponents you will face. You will need a strong team to beat them in order to progress further.

— PvE: Another option for casual players is to enter PvE mode to raid Dungeons and fight Bosses.

— Clan/Clan War: You will also get to form or join clan and share resources within the clan. Besides having more friends in game, the intensive Clan War will be an event not to miss.

Playing give you various rewards to help you build up a stronger team, including EMONT tokens, Cubegoes, Cubegons, items and more.

4. Lab

Lab is where you can equip items for your characters as well as teach them battle moves. These resources can be earned from battles and completing game quests.

This is the features currently set out for the year of 2019. To get a better idea of the game, enter Cubego and explore it first-hand! Enter game now!

Cubego Team

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