Special Sale 11–12.12 celebrating Cubego Market opening on OpenSea!

Hi everyone,

We are thrilled to announce the opening of Cubego Marketplace on OpenSea. Now you are able to trade your characters for Ether or EMONT. OpenSea also supports special functions like auction or bundling, so you can customize your offers.

To celebrate this collaboration with OpenSea to support Cubego marketplace, we are running a special limited offer on 11–12 December Only !

1. 20% rebate in EMONT all store, for all purchases

From 00:00, 11 Dec to 23:59, 12 Dec (UTC time), Presale participants will get 20% Rebate in EMONT for every purchase in Cubego Store. 
(for ETH purchase, rebate will be calculated at rate 1 ETH = 1500 EMONT)

During the on-going Presale event, you can find in the store special Cubego Packs carrying limited Epic and Rare Cubegoes. Epic and Rare Cubegoes are materials to create Champion and Elite characters (called “Cubegon”). After the Presale, only Common Cubegoes will be available for purchase, hence, players can no longer get the limited materials from the store to create Champion and Elite Cubegons.

Champion and Elite Cubegons are more rare and valuable than Commons Cubegons. They can learn exclusive moves for their tiers, have more slots for crafting to boost their power and can unlock Arenas/Dungeons faster to earn bigger rewards.

2. 1,000 Starter Cubego Pack giveaways

We are giving away up to 1,000 Cubego Packs. Each Cubego pack contains 50 Leaf-material cubes, worth 0.03 ETH. Grab it while stocks last!

Now, let’s enter Cubego, get the freebies, stock up on limited cubes and create characters! Enter Game now!

Cubego team